John 4 the woman at the well in Samaria.

This is an illustration of God’s love for the people of Samaria and his removing the curses that were spoken over them through the prophet Hosea.

Nothing happens by chance and everything Jesus does is with a purpose.

Bringing a backslidden people back to himself.

Historical Background of Samaria.

  1. Northern Kingdom called Israel later changing their name to Samaria.
  2. Jeroboam separated and built two calf idols on two hills so the people would no longer go to Jerusalem to worship God.
  3. Hosea a prophet to Samaria during Jeroboam 2 who reigned for 41 years (Isaiah is in Judah at this time)
  4. He tells what the problem is in Samaria.

Called to marry a prostitute to tell them that they have prostituted themselves and turned from God. 2: 2

  • Go to Assyria and Egypt for help in their distress 7: 11
  • God gave you everything you have, but you gave it away to other gods 2: 8

Because of prostitution

  • Die of thirst in a dry and barren land 2: 3
  • Waste away because you don’t know me 4: 3, 4
  • She is going to run after other lovers and none of them will satisfy. 2: 7

In Exodus God told them that his name was ” I AM” in 1: 9 “I AM NOT”
Going to return to them and bring them back

  • I will win them back 2: 14
  • Speak tenderly to her there 2: 14
  • Change valley of trouble into a gateway of hope 2: 15

Example given like Jacob wrestled with me and saw me face to face so come back to that encounter.

2. Jesus enters the dry and weary land

John 4: 4 – 6
Had to enter Samaria to get where he was going to.

  • Sometimes we have to enter a land we don’t care to enter so God can do something through us.
  • Always want to avoid these areas in our lives.

Sat by Jacob’s Well Symbol of what God wants to do to bring us back to him.

The disciples leave to find food in this backslidden land.

  • They are a symbol of the church
  • looking for substance in the place that they don’t want to be.
  • Answer is right there in front of them. Jesus was the source of everything that they needed.

Jesus is weary from the sun and land
Isaiah 43: 23 you have not brought me the sacrifices or honored me. You have wearied me with your sins

We are living in this time.

  • love of many growing cold because of the increase of wickedness Matthew 24: 12
  • Have a form of godliness but denying any form of power that could make them godly 2 Timothy 3: 5

3. Jesus encounter with a backslidden people.

John 4: 8, 9 We have to be willing to do what would surprise those who are not expecting something from us.

Robbie Dawkins “Jesus had an affinity toward hurt women because of what His mother went through.”

God can use your hurts to minister and bring life to another.

Jews most merciful wish was that the Samaritans would just be annihilated rather than have a place in the resurrection (Disciples wanted to call fire down on the Samaritans.(See Luke 9: 54)

4. Restoring what was lost.

John 4: 10 Knew the gift of God and who was speaking

Two problems Hosea mentioned

  1. Everything you have, you have given away
  2. Result of this, you are thirsty in this land and are having to come again and again for water.

He is speaking a hope of restoration of what has been lost in their life.

EXAMPLE: blessing in a life over your children. What they can become rather than what they are.

5. Prophetic release over her life.

John 4: 15 – 17 not to condemn her, but to release her from her prostitution and chasing after other lovers.

Release? Vs 29 he told me everything I did. The blockage was released in her life.

Pray for the gift of prophecy and stir it up. (2 Timothy 1: 6)

  1. hands laid on you for gifts
  2. Stir up Inflame ones mind that we can do this.

6. The I AM
Hosea I Am Not

John 4: 25, 26 I AM

7. Cure for the backslidden church.

Vs 31 Rabbi eat something.

Vs 32 I have food you know nothing about. No longer exhausted

Vs 34 My nourishment comes from doing the will of God who sent me and from finishing his work.

A move of God happens throughout Samaria 39 – 42