1. There is a difference between Spiritual Gifts and Character
  2. No one can use spiritual gifts without being able to say “Jesus is Lord”
  1. Jesus = He will save you from your sins
  2. Is = Risen from the dead
  3. Lord = Ruler over all the earth.
1. One God Different Gifts 4 – 6
  1. Two ideas give here
    1. There is a diversity of gifts
    2. There is one Spirit (later LORD and God)
  2. The diversity of these gifts is rooted in God Himself.
    1. They are not for our personal enjoyment
    2. They are not for our personal ego
    3. This is why we must profess Jesus as LORD for these to be properly manifest in our lives.
  3. NOTE: We are to pursue spiritual gifts, (See 1 Corinthians 14: 1) but we need to recognize that it is still the spirit that gives out the gifts.
    1. The Holy Spirit is not at the beck and call of our own flesh.
    2. We need to conform to the Lordship of Jesus and that is the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

1. John 16: 7 – 15 Jesus telling about the work of the Holy Spirit.

1. Convict world of sin. Show results of rejecting the Lordship of Jesus

1. This is also in 1 Corinthians 11: 29, 30

  1. God’s Righteousness. Holy Spirit will show that there is a solution to the problem of sin in your life. Take on the righteousness of God.
  2. Coming Judgement because world has already been judged.
    1. (See John 3: 18) Judgement is inferred rather than given.
    2. John 5: 22 Father will judge according to the acceptance or rejection of thework of Jesus.

    1. Jesus is placing himself on the same level as the Father
    2. He will serve in the function of judge. Not to condemn or acquit, but torelease the natural consequences of Jesus visitation to earth.
      1. Jesus coming to earth has brought life and judgement on this earth
      2. We can live in light or darkness with natural consequences of each.
      3. What is life to some will bring death others
      4. EXAMPLE: the separating of the sheep and the goats.
    3. As a righteous judge, he will do what is right and give us the just reward of our life.

2. He will guide you into all truth.

  1. The binding and loosing of the truth of Jesus that is spoken.
  2. Sent by Jesus and Speaks what the Father tells him to speak.

1. The Trinity is shown here.
3. Gifts are not for our personal enjoyment, but for the advancement of this message.

1. This message will bind or loose the power of Jesus in the life of another.! 4. The trinity and the gifts of the spirit Vs 4

1. Different kinds of gifts (which we will see), but one Spirit is the source of them all

  1. Some recognized as being used in certain gifts. (See Acts 21: 9)
  2. These are used because we have faith to move in certain gifts over others.(See Romans 12: 6)

2. They are all to be used to advance the Lordship of Jesus over this earth

1. Your kingdom come, your will be done.

3. Same God

  1. Operations energized by God Himself
  2. NOTE: Maybe not perfectly right to say the gifts of the spirit when they are from the Godhead, yet the Godhead is the spirit so…

2!. Given to help each other Vs 7 – 11

  1. The gifts are not for our own personal enjoyment.
  2. If they are not for advancing the Lordship of Jesus, then we have to question their use.
  3. They are manifestations of the Holy Spirit.
    1. Wisdom = Divine guidance according to the will of God
    2. Knowledge = An in depth understanding of a spiritual issue or situation
    3. Faith = being able to encourage another in a situation they are going through
    4. Healing = pretty basic
    5. Miracles = supernatural activity beyond the gift of healing
    6. Prophecy = speaking under the direction of the Holy Spirit
    7. Discerning of Spirits = discern what is happening and power behind it.

1. Because if is by prophecy and tongues, we can assume that it also is used in the discerning of these gifts.

  1. Different kind of tongues
  2. Interpretation of tongues.

4. Spirit will give these out as He sees fit. (See John 3: 8 wind blows where it will)