Jesus is trying to convey incredible spiritual truths and he is able to do it with lines like

  1. A man had two sons.
  2. A man has 100 sheep.
  3. This morning  A man prepared a great feast.

1. Distracted

Known as the parable of the wedding banquet, but I am going to call it distracted.

Here and in a number of places, Jesus is comparing the kingdom of God to an incredible meal.

How many can relate to the whole meal idea?

People came up with reasons that they could not come to the banquet.

  1. Land
  2. Getting married (six weddings this fall so do not think I am telling you not to get married)
  3. Bought a cow.

Seems like weak excuses, but I don’t know anyone who is not doing the work of God because they just bought a cow.

Conversations today.

  1. Alright to drink? How much can I drink?
  2. Alright to view what I am viewing?
  3. Alright to attend this?
  4. Is there freedom in Christ to be who I want to be or not?

2. Taste

Banquet don’t know what it is about because never tried the food.  If we are not passionate about it then why make it a priority?

EXAMPLE: Box stores have people giving out examples so you are hungry for whatever we are selling.  Very seldom is the thing they are offering on my lists.

WE need to have acquire a taste of what the kingdom of heaven is like so we hunger for more.

3. Trial Food

Psalm 23: 5 A feast in the presence of my enemies.

EXAMPLE: Traveling a river with rocks in it that kept catching the boat.  We can pray for the rocks to be removed because thesis a small thing for God to do.  Sometimes he raises the river and we live in the grace to overcome the thorn in our lives.

It is this feast in the presence of our enemies that gives us the ability to hunger for banquet of heaven.

4. Father’s will food.

John 4 tells the story of Jesus sitting at a well in Samaria.  The disciples are going to get him something to eat and while they are gone a woman comes near Jesus and a conversation is struck up.  At the end of the conversation the woman admits that Jesus is the Messiah.  The disciples return and we will pick it up there.

John 4: 31 – 38  Food was  doing the will of the Father and he was working in the harvest.

John 6; 32 – 40  Will of God is eternal life for all.

What was the key that the master wanted to happen in the banquet?  It had to be filled. with whoever would come in.

5. You feed them.

Mark 6: 37 Send the crowds away so they can go to the nearby farms and villages and buy something to eat.  But Jesus said You feed them.

What an impossible statement to ask of them.

Excuses flow i don’t have any money, There are so many of them.  I just bought a cow and have to go and see it.  Always a cow that stops us from following the the will of God.

  1. No question that we are in  the last days.
  2. Michele Carter for sending texts to kill her boyfriend.
  3. bible camp had to put on there registration. bible camp had to ask on sex which sex where you born to make sure children got in the right cabins.
  4. Spiritual world around us that we are invited to be a part of yet the temporal consumes us.
  5. Feel good enough just to think a good thought. EXAMPLE: Louis C.K.I wanted to give up my seat in first class to a veteran that came through.  I felt better just because I thought this even though I never gave up  my seat.

No theological debate about the trinity or how old is the universe is going to change this society. Jesus response is I am not sending you out alone, I will empower you by the Holy Spirit so you can feed them.

EXAMPLE: man kicking car on the side of the road.  people passing by and no one stopping man swearing and kicking the car.  Man stops and asks what’s wrong?  This car always lets me down and never gets me where I want to go.  What’s wrong with the car?  it’s out of gas.  We kick Christ and say he is not doing anything and has gotten us as far as he can.  We need the Holy Spirit to change us

Ananias got a word when he wasn’t even in church.

  1. Go to street strait
  2. Find Paul
  3. Pray and they are gong to receive their eyesight.
  4. One man said we become naturally spiritual not super spiritual.

you see that happen in your life, you are going to want to be a part of the banquet.

Holy Spirit was not given to pastors and deacons, but fishermen, housewives, young people.

Without the Holy Spirit working through us, it is no wonder I would rather look at a cow than be with Jesus