1. The Chapter of Isaac
  2. The God of Abraham….Exodus 3: 6
    1. Abraham 14 chapters
    2. Jacob 15 chapters
    3. Isaac 1 chapter
  3. i Am is also the name Jehovah
  4. Why not God of Adam
    1. Sin, we all sin
    2. Not Abel who was righteous and died
    3. These are the three that God gives and renews His Covenant with.
  5. Three types of People
    1. Abraham man of great faith.
      1. This can be discouraging for us if this is the only way that god shows himself
    2. Isaac is about as ordinary as you re going to get. (One chapter)
    3. Jacob is a evil person who continually messes up.  Jacob did not live a very good life.
  6. Jesus the god of All three Matthew 22: 32
    1. God the God of the living
      1. Abraham a good man died and is gone
      2. Isaac an ordinary man died and is gone
      3. Jacob an ordinary man died and is gone
    2. Jesus will resurrect them and us and we will be made new.
      1. There are differences between the three of them, but in the resurrection, they will all be made new.
      2. No matter how we are, we will all be made new in Jesus someday.
  7. I am the Lord and I do not change Exodus 3: 14, 15

2. The Contender

  1. Story of Isaac between the Arab nations
    1. Story of Ishmael and his descendants Genesis 25: 12 – 18
    2. Story of Esau and his descendants Genesis 26: 34, 35
    3. Land of Israel surrounded by  Arab nationsisrael_surrounded2
  2. Wanting the promise of a son Genesis 25: 21
    1. Isaac married at age 40 and waited 20 years for promise of a birth
    2. Israel waiting for promise of Messiah
    3. Two nations fighting in your womb. Vs 23
    1. Picture of the land Numbers 35: 13
      1. Three more can be built as you expand.  Deuteronomy 19: 8, 9 These were never built so there is an empty command unless there is a time that they will be needed.promised-land-to-israel-2
      2. For the birth to come, there is a battle.
  3. Trying to dig wells
    1. Genesis 26: 15 Philistines plugged up the wells of Abraham.
    2. Vs 20 quarrel with Isaac over the well
      1. The well may be yours, but the water is ours. Esek means to quarrel
      2. Sitnam Vs 21 which means enmity
    3. New well dug Vs 22 new well dug and now there is room for us.
  4. Blessing in the midst of this. Vs 12
  5. Covenant that God is with them. Vs 24
  6. Favor with their enemies Vs 26
    1. Enemy of Isaacs Vs 27, 28
    2. Saw the blessing of God on Isaac.10-cities-of-refuge

3. Generational Blessings

  1. The problem of the curses
    1. Exodus 20: 5, 6 curse of worshipping other gods
  2. Isaac lies about his wife.26: 6
    1. Where did he learn to do this?
    2. Abraham did it twice
  3. Rebeccah deceives Isaac.
    1. Jacob deceives his father.
    2. Sons deceive Jacob when they say Joseph is killed.
  4. Middle of this Joseph is raised up.
  5. Genesis 23, 24 I am the God of your Father Abraham and for his sake I will…
  6. Blessing of favor on Isaac.