1. Jacob and the Deception
  1. Jacob was a man of peace
    1. Important to have a relationship that we are living up to
    2. We are righteous in Christ but now I live up to who I am in Christ.
      1. Romans 1 Creation
      2. 1 – 3 Fall of Man
      3. 3 – 7 Redemption in Christ for all people
      4. 6, 7 Christ’s Resurrection
      5. 8 Life in the Spirit Church Age
      6. Future Glory Christ’s return
        1. 9 – 11 Heart for Jews and Call to Gentiles
        2. Response 11: 34 – 12: 1 Worship God who is worthy of praise.
      7. 12 – 16 how we live this out.
    3. Jacob is going to learn how to live this out in his life.
  2. Isaac Spiritually blind
    1. Isaiah 29: 10 The Lord has poured over you a spirit of deep sleep, He has shut your eyes, the prophets; and He has covered your heads, the seers.
    2. Don’t mock them for their blindness because their blindness is for our salvation. (Romans 11: 25, 26)
  3. Jacob is an example of not waiting for God to do what he said and taking it into his own hands.
    1. Tradition is Esau was wearing the garment that God made for Adam
    2. Important he took on the smell and feel of Esau as Messiah took on the garment of human flesh.
  4. Brings a kid of a goat and wine to drink Genesis 27: 8, 9, 25

2. Jacob and the Blessing 28, 29

  1. Dew of heaven = Resurrection (Song of Solomon5: 2 and Isaiah 26: 19
  2. Fatness of earth = fatness also could be oil which means anointing Psalm 23: 5
  3. Abundance of New Wine and grain Vs 28 The fulfillment of the Messiah his body and blood the grain and wine.
    1. Wine a sign of Messiah Taragum The Holy One Blessed be He will make a banquet for the righteous in the Garden of Eden… He will give them to drink wine preserved in its grapes since the six days of creation.
      1. This is why Jesus said to his mother at the wedding banquet “Woman, My time has not yet come”  then went ahead and made the water into wine.
  4. Nations bow and serve you Vs 29 Psalm 18: 43, 44 You have place me as head of the nations a people whom I have not know serve me.  Psalm 72: 11 Let all kings bow down before him all nations serve him Psalm 72: 11
  5. Over your brothers = Israel over Edom and Jesus over the nations.
  6. Mothers sons bow down to you Vs 29 = Jesus brothers did not believe in him but at the end James stated he was a bond servant to Jesus.
  7. Curse those who curse you and bless those who bless you. = Abraham’s blessing passed down.   You can take not he blessing of Messiah Psalm 118: 26 or do homage to his kingdom or face his wrath Psalm 2: 11, 12
  8. Jacob flees Vs 44
    1. As Israel flees from Rome Jacob flees from Edom (Esau)
  9. Second blessing 28: 3
    1. Be an Assembled multitude of people = assembly ekklesia where we get the name church.
    2. Jacob may you become a church of many people.
    3. Multitude is the nations Taragum states you will be a synagogue of nations.