1. Jesus said he is the Way “Traveled Path”
    1. We will not go through anything that he has not already traveled.
  2. Truth
    1. Living word that brings us into the presence of God when we fall short.
  1. I Am The Life

John 14: 6 …I Am the LIFE

The words Way and Truth will mean nothing without Jesus being our life.

  1. Way becomes a method
  2. Truth becomes law and weighs people down
  3. Potential to walk the path and allow the word to change us, but without life of Jesus, we are incapable of changing.

EXAMPLE: a dead body has ears and eyes so the potential is there to do what I am able to do, but it can’t because there is no life in the body.

2. Work Vs Life

Without life, we are always striving to become better christians.

Good works are a result of life, but they cannot replace life.

Know people who do great things, but there is no life in them.

3. Martha and Life

Luke 10: 38 – 42

  1. Welcomed Jesus into her home. Inviting life in, but still falling into works
  2. Martha distracted by work
    1. Work of God is to believe in Jesus.
      1. John 6: 28 works what does God want from us?
      2. WORK singular, to believe in me.
  1. When motivated by work, we lose joy of inviting him into our home and we become disillusioned by things not turning out the way we thought.
  2. Everything becomes a crisis.

EXAMPLE:  meal taking longer to prepare than I thought,  Mary not helping me, instead of living a life of thanksgiving, we come before Jesus complaining about everything.

We are not really bringing our problems to Jesus, but just looking for a place to vent wanting him to change things.

4.  Work Manifest in trials that come our way.

Our relationship comes down to a situation where we need Jesus to grant us item after item Watchman Nee

John 11: 22, 23

  1. If you would have been here, my brother would not have died.
  2. Vs 25 I am resurrection and Life.
  3. Someday we will rise again.

John 10: 10 I have come that you would have life and that more abundantly.

Life is confused with things.

  1. Make Meal easier to prepare
  2. Make Mary help me
  3. Make my brother well when he is sick
  4. Make him come back to life.

The list is endless.

John 11: 39 smell will be terrible.  Difference between Life and work.  Work will always come to the end of itself where we acknowledge THIS REALLY SMELLS BAD.

Vs 40 Didn’t I say you would see the glory of God if you believed?

I did not come to give you item after item, but I came to give you myself.

  1. What does it take to do your works? Believe in the son
  2. How can I walk the way that is in front of me?  Jesus has walked it and he will empower you just as life enables you to see
  3. How can the truth become alive? Jesus will do the work in my life JUST TRUST ME.

5. Martha serves willingly

John 12: 1, 2 Meal not just to invite Jesus in, but to honor Him.

Martha was able to serve because she knew glory of God.

  1. No longer needed item after item
  2. She had Jesus Himself.

Phillip show us the Father and we will be satisfied.  I am your satisfaction.