1. Living in favor
  1. We spent last week talking about how Simeon and Levi lived without the favor of their father
    1. They walked in deception because of it
    2. They killed others to get what they wanted.
    3. They lost the lineage of the Messiah
  2. Now we have two who are in favor
    1. Judah who will have the Messiah
    2. Joseph who will also be in the line of a savior.

2. Joseph and the potential Messiah

  1. Jeroboam from the line of Joseph
    1. 1 Kings 11: 37, 38 potential for the messiah.
    2. The Lord promised King Jeroboam and “enduring house as I built for David.”
    3. Rulership over Israel except for the tribe of Judah
  2. If Jeroboam would have been faithful to the Torah he would of had an enduring legacy
    1. He did not obey any of the laws.
  3. Two Messiah’s come together in Ezekiel 37: 19
  4. We do not look for two Messiah’s but two distinct missions carried out int he same Messiah.
  5. We are looking back at the life of Jesus.  The scribes did not have this advantage and were looking for two Messiah’s.
    1. John the Baptist question Are you Messiah son of David or are you Messiah son of Joseph with another Messiah coming after you. “Are you the Messiah or should we look for another one.  (Matthew 11: 13)
  6. Joseph is the suffering Messiah and son of David is the conquering messiah.

3. Joseph the type of Messiah.

  1. Joseph brought back an evil report about his brothers.  Genesis 37: 2
    1. Jesus followed the same prophetic tradition, and he condemned His generation for refusing to repent.  This won him no love from the religious authorities  in Jerusalem.
  2. Coat of many colors 37: 3
    1. Jesus was favored from his father. This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.Matthew 3: 17: 17: 5
      1. Some believe that Joseph was loved because he looked just like Jacob.
      2. Jesus carried the image of His father around with Him.
    2. Coat was an embroidery that was on the fringes of the cloak.
      1. Any who touched the fringe of Jesus cloak was healed.  Mark 6: 56
    3. Joseph’s brothers saw the favor and they could not speak to him on friendly terms. 37: 4. While Jesus came to his own and his own received him not.  John 1: 11

4. Joseph’s dreams

  1. Joseph had a dream and his brothers hated him even more. 37: 5
  2. The sheaves 37: 7
    1. The single sheave represents to the resurrection of Messiah
    2. The levitical festival of the barley loaf.
      1. One sheaf is to be pulled out of an omer and waved before the temple and then the whole barley sheaf is clean.
      2. The single sheaf coming out is the Messiah and the other 11 are the testimony of the resurrection Matthew 28: 16, 17 the eleven disciples proceeded to Galilee, to the mountain which Jesus had designated.  When hey saw Him, they prostrated themselves before Him
  3. Sun, moon and stars 37: 9
    1. This dream was not fulfilled in Joseph’s time because his father never bowed before him and Rachel was already dead.
    2. Refers to Messiah. A star shall come forth from Jacob, a scepter shall rise from Israel Numbers 24: 17
    3. Rachel is Israel Revelation 12: 1
  4. His brothers were jealous of him but his father kept the saying in mind 37: 11 (father waited for the matter.)

5. Joseph sent out

  1. Brothers pasturing flocks 37: 13
  2. Joseph I will go (Here am I)
    1. Abraham to sacrifice son
    2. Don’t sacrifice son
    3. God called Jacob 31: 11; 46: 2 Here Am I
    4. Moses and burning bush Here Am I
    5. Exodus 3: 4
    6. Samuel 1 Samuel 3: 4
    7. Isaiah 6: 8
    8. Here Am I is one sent by the father.
  3. Hebron to Shechem
    1. Valley of Hebron 37: 14
      1. David was king of Judah in Hebron for seven years. 2 Samuel 2
    2. Shechem Joshua buried the bones of Joseph in Shechem
    3. Jeroboam started his rebellion at Shechem
    4. This journey could refer to the two messiahs
    5. Jewish tradition states that the exile started with this journey.
  4. Joseph looking for his brothers 37: 16
    1. I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel Matthew 15: 24
  5. The brothers saw him from a distance 37: 18
    1. distance means anointing upon a person. Hebrews 11: 13
  6. They plotted to kill Joseph
    1. They plotted to seize Jesus and kill him at night. Matthew 26: 3, 4
    2. They may have rejected Joseph to protect Judah and royal line that would come through him.
    3. Just as they reject a suffering messiah today.

6. Selling of Joseph

  1. Stripped the cloth that was on Joseph 37: 23
    1. Taragum states they cast lots to see who would take it to their father.
    2. Jesus had his clothes gambled for. John 19: 24
  2. They threw him into a pit with no water 37: 24
    1. They threw Jesus into a grave without properly anointing him.
  3. They sat down to eat a meal 37; 25
    1. They went and ate the Passover.
  4. Ishmaelites carrying spices came to the well 37: 25
    1. women came to the tomb carrying spices.
  5. Reuben returned to the pit and Joseph was not there. 37: 29
    1. He is not here Luke 24: 5, 6
  6. They sold him to the Ishmaelites who in turn sold him in Egypt
    1. Jesus is estranged from Israel.
  7. Dipped his garment in blood to conceal what really happened 37: 31
    1. Sadducees tried to cover up the resurrection.
    2. They covered the cloak in goats blood, A goats blood is to be spilled not he Day of Atonement to expiate the sins of Israel.Leviticus 16.