We have looked at a couple of areas concerning the time of greatness

  • Looking back = creating a moment others can build upon
  • Looking out = we are building so we can better affect our valley for Jesus
  • Looking up = God is calling us to do something only He can do
  • Looking Forward = taking that step that god is calling us to take

God is always willing to do something, but we have to take action first.

To see God move in and through our lives we need to…

  1. Take a step of action

God always requires his people to take a step before He does his part.


  • Noah and the Ark
  • Moses and crossing the Red Sea
  • Elijah building the altar
  • Jesus feeding 5000 people with the boys loaves and fish

2. Action must lead to commitment

action is not enough

1 Samuel 17: 1 Israel mustered up its army and the Philistines mustered up their army and faced each other on opposite hills. Vs 16 They did this for 40 days and the battle was never joined, Why?

Each day a man came out named Goliath and fear overwhelmed the army There was motion, but no commitment to see it through

But if we allow ourselves to be held back by the fear of rejection or the fear of authority or the opinion of others, eventually we will become people pleasers, strangled by the anticipation of their opinions.

John 12: 1 – 8 woman anointed Jesus feet with one years wages.

The disciples rejected her gift calling it a waste, but Jesus totally accepted it.

3. We have move in God’s timing

Kairos = opportunity

How many opportunities do we miss because of our timing does not line up with God’s timing

Mark 16: 17 These miraculous signs will follow those who believe.

Follow = draw near to

Key Point: Want to see a miracle we have to move, be committed, and do it in God’s timing