Are you a person that would kill a giant?

Francis Chan people love to listen to sermons that challenge us, but when it comes to a lifestyle change, it rarely translates into action

Nehemiah was a giant killer (His giant was the lack of a wall around Jerusalem)

Nehemiah did not look like a man that wanted to slay a giant. He was happy with his job, far from Jerusalem, and there were others who lived there that should take care of the problem.

Time of greatness is not just about…

  • Building a Multi Purpose Building
  • Reducing the mortgage
  • Upgrading our facilities
  • It is about a training ground of faith for us to be able to do something beyond what we can do ourselves

Why does “A Time of Greatness” have to do with money?

It is the biggest battle we have to face when it comes to stepping out in faith.

Sacrificial Giving = giving up something you like for something you love

Three areas to look at when it comes to giving

  1. Head – What can I fit in my budget to give
  2. Hand – What do I have in my house that I can sell
  3. Heart – What can I believe God for in faith

When I comes to giving this way, we will have different gifts, but we are asking us all to sacrifice the same.

Prayer is the preparation to what we want to see happen.

  1. Solitude before activity Nehemiah 2: 12 – 15
  2. Strong motivation after solitude Nehemiah 2: 17
  3. Inevitable opposition Nehemiah 2: 19 – 20

Key Point: Looking up helps us recognize God is our source to accomplish our Time of Greatness

What are you willing to trade? What is your Red Paper Clip?

Next Week:

  1. Breakfast starting at 9:00
  2. Service Starting at 10:00
  3. Commitments with a first fruits offering (Percentage of what we are giving)