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History of Memorial Day

Letter by Sullivan Ballou

1. Intrigue of why we fight

  • Sense of duty
  • honor to country
  • prove oneself manly (courageous)
  • From letters of soldiers duty and honor linked to masculinity.

2. Three Commands from the Bible

  • Go Matthew 28: 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations.
  1. To go we have to pray for boldness (See Acts 4: 29 Oh Lord hear their threats and give your servant great boldness in preaching your word)
  2. Realize scattering helps spread the gospel (Acts 8: 1, 4) Through scattering they were able to preach)
  • Ac ts 16: 9 Come to us

How do we share with someone who does not want to hear?

2 Corinthians 2: 14 – 17

  • Triumphal procession
  • Fragrance is for god
  • Smells like death to those who are perishing
  • Smells like life to those being saved
  • We are not hucksters.

Just called to show the love of Christ.

  • Rich man in hell (Luke 16: 27 Send Abraham and warn my 5 brothers so they don’t come to this place)
  1. Hell is real
  2. It is a place of torment (Revelation 20: 10)
  3. It is a place were people are headed

3. Jim Elliott

Three calls

  1. Call from heaven GO
  2. Call from earth COME
  3. Call from the damned SEND

Key Point: We will have a memorial that will last an eternity