Micah was a prophet at the same time as Isaiah.

Micah 7 – speaking to Judah specifically, but is also speaking to us prophetically today.

Verse 1 – There’s a drought, not for food, but for the Word of God


  1. Godly people have disappeared
  2. Not an honest person is left
  3. Murderers
  4. Greed is consuming the nation

Verse 3

  • Leaders are twisting justice

Verse 4

  • A lot of talk about judgement coming – a time of reckoning, we don’t know when, but it will come

Verse 5-6

  • Enemies in your own household
  • Matthew 10 – division in your family between those who will serve God and those who will not

Verse 7

  • I look to the Lord for help
  • I wait confidently to God to come and save me
  • God I will seek You like I have never sought You before
  • Not just going to church on Sunday
  • Diligently seeking God
    • Jacob wrestled all night
    • Israel was in a war with Benjamin – civil war – spent a whole day fasting and praying
    • Jesus was God almighty, but before He chose His disciples, he prayed all night
    • the woman who knocked and knocked
    • more than 2 minutes a day

Verse 8 – 10

  • When we set our hearts to know God we will raise up the forces of hell against us
    • temptations
      • David & Bathsheba
      • Peter denying Jesus
    • Satanic attack
    • Frustration of unanswered prayer
      • Your enemies will ask you where is your God?

Uziah 2 Chronicles 26

  • He loved God and was strong in the Lord
  • He became prideful
  • Bypassed the priest and tried to enter the Holy of Holies
  • He raged at the priest and leprosy formed on his forehead

Two types of people

  1. Those setting their hearts to know God
  2. People standing in their own righteousness, Uziahs – those who have served God for so long and begin to think that they have a “reservoir” with God
    1. try to bypass Jesus
    2. begin to ignore “small” sins

Isaiah 6

  • We all have leprosy
  • None of us can stand in God’s presence in our own righteousness
  • God touched Isaiah’s lips with a coal from the altar
  • We can’t do it – only His covenant

Verse 11

  • He is building a wall around our heart
  • He is refining us
  • When a precious metal is put in the fire, the junk comes to the top.  Allow Him to skim it off

Verse 14

  • Shepherd us – prophetically speaking of Jesus Christ

Verse 15

  • He rescued them from slavery in Egypt
  • The Red Sea
    • He opened it up and swallowed the enemy
    • Isaiah 43:17
      • If the enemy is attacking you, He is calling them forth to destroy them in your presence
    • Isaiah 43:18
      • forget all that, it’s nothing compared to what I will do for you

Verse 16

  • All the demonic powers will stand amazed at what the Lord will do for you
  • The enemy will be embarrassed at their feeble power
    • Uziahs are running straight in to leprosy
    • This is a promise for those who say “I can’t do this on my own”
      • God says I am going to shepherd you
      • God says I am going to destroy the enemy
      • You will be set free from strongholds
    • Zecheriah 2 – a wall of fire around you and the glory in the midst of you

Verse 19

  • Trample our sins under Your feet
  • Throw our sins in the depths of the ocean

Hebrews 10:26-39

  • We cannot try to come before Him in our own power
  • We have to come through Jesus, set our hearts to know Him

He is faithful to complete the good work that He began.