God has poured His grace out on us to make us missional (purposeful) in what we do

Romans 8: 28 All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.

1. Christian Karma

Karma is the belief that everything balances out int he end. Some believe in Karma because God talks about sowing and reaping and many feel the things that happen to them are a result of something they have done in the past.

Check out the two web sites that take this deeper


Dump your karma

2. The glory of God filling the earth.


Psalm 72: 19 the whole earth will be filled with the glory of God.

Revelations 11: 15 kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our God.

2 Peter 3: 9 none should perish but all come to salvation.

3. The three groanings

A. The cosmos groans Vs 19 – 22

Second law of thermodynamics states that things left to themselves decay.

B. God’s children groan Vs 23 – 25

Pastor Craig Groeschel of Life church asked the question. “Does your heart break for the things that break the heart of God?

C. The Spirit of God groans Vs 26, 27


  1. The Holy Spirit teaches us how to pray. (Paul prayed for a thorn in his flesh to be removed. The Holy Spirit directed him to pray for grace to stand up underneath the burden)
  2. Spirit of God longs for us to come into our inheritance.

4. God responds to groanings

All things working together for our good does not have to do with us, but God’s glory filling the earth.

Mark Batterson in his book Primal stated Ready, Set, Go is wrong because we are never ready and when in your life has everything been set? No wonder we never go

Key Question: Are you groaning to hear the sound of the Cosmos and the Spirit’s groaning?