1. Moses the deliverer
  1. Who made you judge over us Exodus 2: 14
    1. In a fit of anger Moses killed an Egyptian
    2. He thought that Israel would understand that he was bringing deliverance Acts 7: 25
  2. Stephen is trying to show that Moses and Jesus are alike in their deliverance ministry.
  3. The Israelites rejected Moses as their leader.
  4. In the same way they were rejecting Jesus as their Messiah

2. Moses and the flock

  1. Moses was taking care of the flock of Jethro in the wilderness.Exodus 3: 1
  2. This is an example of Jesus shepherding his flock
  3. “You lead your people like a flock by the hand of Moses and Aaron Psalm 77: 20
  4. My servant will be king over them, and they will all have one shepherd Ezekiel 37: 24
  5. For now you have returned to the Shepherd and guardian of your soul 1 Peter 2: 25
  6. Moses is leading a flock to Mount Horeb = Sinai. Next time he returns to this mountain he will be leading a flock of the children of Israel
    1. We are going to see comparisons to how Jehovah revealed himself to one man Moses and how he is going to reveal himself to the whole people of Israel.

Where have I heard all of this before?

3. The Fire

  1. The bush burned and yet wasn’t consumed. Vs 2, 3
  2. Next time Moses comes to this mountain and the whole mountain is on fire and it is not consumed. Exodus 19: 17 – 19
  3. Do not come near for this is holy ground Exodus 3: 5
  4. Do not come near the mountain or you will die. Vs 21
  5. Take off your shoes to come near
    1. Anything manmade or flesh that is between us and God
  6. Priest must sanctify themselves or they will die. 19: 22
    1. Sanctify, apply what God has done in their lives.

4. First Exchange

  1. I Am the God of your forefathers 3: 6
    1. He is not Moses God yet because he has not fulfilled the promises of bringing them out of Egypt and making them a people for themselves.
  2. Exodus 20: 1 I am (same word used for Moses) the Lord YOUR GOD who brought you out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage. (Deuteronomy 4: 20)
    1. I have now seen  your pain and have responded to it.
  3. I have seen their pain and suffering and understand their pain.Vs 6
  4. Go I will send you to Pharaoh and you will deliver my people out of Egypt. Vs 10
  5. Now He has delivered them and taken them out.
    1. At bush I saw your pain and promised deliverance
    2. Now I have done what I said I would do.

5. Second Exchange

  1. Moses to God Who am I Vs 11
    1. He is playing off God saying I AM by saying Who AM I?
    2. You are the master of the universe and the God of my forefathers.  How can I do anything?
  2. God responds, because I am going to be with you ever step of the way Vs 12
  3. Now have no other Gods but me.
    1. I was there for you when you were down and had no power
    2. I was there for an entire people and I was there for one person (Moses)
    1. What is the rationale for this?
    2. you are never a nothing when God is with you.
    3. You do not turn your back on a God like that.

6. Third Exchange

  1. I don’t know your name Vs 13
    1. Tell them I will be that which I will Be
    2. I will always be with you in your times of trouble and I will be whatever you need in any time of trouble you may encounter
  2. Third Commandment. Do not take the name of the Lord your God in vain. Vs7
    1. This does not mean that you should not swear, but don’t make God’s name trivial
    2. His name is the gift of attention that he is giving us so don’t cast this aside.
    3. EXAMPLE wife giving me a card that she wrote.  Don’t toss it aside as trivial

7. Fourth Exchange.

  1. They won’t believe me when I come to them.  They will dismiss me. 4: 1
  2. I will give you signs John 5: 36 The works which the Father has given Me to accomplish—the very works that I do—testify about Me, that the Father has sent Me
    1. Maybe authority over the devil who appeared as a snake in the garden.
    1. Jesus took our diseases and healed us
    1. Why judgement?  Revelation 16: 4 springs of water became blood.
    2. Source of Life is in water and blood, but mix them and they become death.
    1. Staff which was dead will become alive 4: 3
    2. The hand which was alive now becomes dead. Vs 6, 7
    3. If they don’t believe these first two signs, then show them judgement. Vs9
  3. Who is able to bring life from death? Death from Life? The God over All
  4. Exodus 31: 13 The Sabbath shall be a sign between me and you that I am the Lord.
  5. It is also a sign that God is the master of the universe Vs 17
  6. Sign to Israel that you are chosen to keep the Sabbath Exodus 20: 8 – 11

8. Fifth Exchange

  1. Not a man of words.  4: 10
    1. My tongue is inarticulate
  2. Fifth commandment same letters used and now they mean honor your Father and Mother. 20: 12
  3. Do you think that there is something wrong with your mouth?  I created your mouth Vs 11
    1. I will empower you to do what I have sent you to do
  4. Honor those who created you.
    1. You must honor those who gave you what you have in this world.  They gave you the hand you need to fulfill the mission you were created for.

9. The Comparison

  1. At Sinai we got the 10 commandments from a mountain
  2. At Horeb we got the template for the ten commandments from a bush.
  3. The word for Bush is spelled exactly the same way as mountain except for one letter
    1. Hey in bush has the numerical value of 5
    2. Uold has the numerical value of 10
    3. 5 do become 10 as we go from the bush to the mountain.
  4. It could represent the expansion of the experience that the people are experiencing in front of them.
    1. One is one person and another is an entire nation.
  5. God shares this sign to Moses Exodus 3: 12
    1. What kind of sign is this if it is something that won’t happen until the future
    2. Maybe the sign is a replay of these events that just happened at the burning bush.
    3. Now you are looking at one bush but next time you will see  whole mountain  burning
  6. Your experience here will become a foundation for the whole experience of the people of Israel.
    1. Hebrews 12: 18 – 28
    2. Our experience grows as we serve God and come to the mountain to obey the voice of the one calling out to us.