1. The Great Woman

2 Kings 4: 8 there was a great woman.

Great stands out above others.

No real need in her life.

Vs 13 Do you need a king or a captain of an army to help you in any way? No I live among my people I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED.

Live so far below what God has for our lives.

2. Make a room for Man of God

I perceive that there is a man of God, Vs 9

Let us make a room. Vs 10

At this point there is no asking for anything, there is just a desire for the presence of the man of God in her life.

This is where a God story is born.

3. Vision for more

15 – 17 a son is going to be born to you

Beyond anything we can do in our own power.

  1. Ministry beyond our ability to accomplish
  2. Adoption or foster care
  3. Something we can’t do in our own power.

4. The Mighty Men

Vs 18 after years the boy gets sick and dies in his mother’s lap.

To see your vision die right in front of you is a hard thing and many lose it at this point

There is no explanation about why this happened.

What do we do at this point will determine our God story.

Joel 3: 9 Prepare war, wake up the mighty men, let all the men of war draw near!

She is no longer great because of her wealth or miracle of the birth of her son, now she is a prayer warrior.

  1. Prodigal leaves your home
  2. Sickness consumes a loved one
  3. Someone dies
    1. There is going to be a toll.

the mighty people realize that the story is never over.

  1. Not done with our nation
  2. Not done with our Valley
  3. Not done with this church, family, town.

Great woman who is now powerless, but she realizes she can do something.

She laid him in the place that she set aside earlier. Vs 21

5. Laying Hold

Twenty Mile journey to Carmel where Elisha was living.

Vs 26 no distractions Is all well. No time for Facebook, I have to get a hold of the man of God.

Vs 27 grabbed a hold of the feet of the man of God.

Vs 30 I am not leaving you until I have an answer. Isaiah 62: 7 give God no rest until he establishes Jerusalem.

6. Story Never Ends

2 Kings 8 run for a famine is coming for seven years.

She lost all her land and came to cry out to the king.

This is a great woman.

Her story is being told to the king as she enters the room. Vs5, 6


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