Think of a time when you thought of how big God is? What caused this feeling to happen?

Now that we are calm and deeply thoughtful, why is this so important?

Too many times, our God is too small. We have figured him all out and the parts we haven’t figured out, we do not invest the time to explore.

We will never worship someone who is not as big as we are.

God shows himself to us through His names. These reveal His character to us by why is that so important?

The bible states…

  • Those that know God will be strong and do exploits (Daniel 11: 32)
  • Paul states the purpose of his life is to know God (Philippians 3: 10)
  • Eternal Life is knowing God (John 17: 3)

Deuteronomy 29: 29 says that there are secret things about God that we will never know, but there are things He reveals about Himself to us.

1. Moses is our example of a seeker.

Exodus 3: 1 Moses thought that he was in the wilderness, but he was at the mountain of God

Exodus 3: 3, 4 God called out to Moses (See Galatians 4: 9)

2. God has a mission for us.

Exodus 3: 7, 9 God is concerned about the children of Israel. To set them free, he is going to send Moses.

Colossians 1: 9, 10; 2: 7 we are called to bear fruit, but this can only happen as our knowledge of Jesus grows.

Moses asks two important questions that will help determine whether we are able to fulfill our destiny.

  1. Who am I? Vs 11
  2. Who are you? Vs 13- 15

I Am is the name Jehovah which is shown in the Old Testament as LORD in all capital letters.

In bad English it means I BE

Louis Giglio has a book named “I am not, but I know I am This shows the importance of Moses two questions. When we undertand who we are and who God is, we will be able to accomplish the purposes that God has for our lives.

KEY POINT: As our knowledge of Him grows, we produce fruit.

You may be in a desert place in your life, but you are near the mountain of God. Not an Old Testament mountain of fear and trembling, but the living movable mountain of God Hebrews 12:18, 22 – 25