1. Rebuilding the temple


Haggai 2: 1 – 9


Zerubbabel, Joshua, Ezra were called by Cyrus to rebuild the temple.


First Temple built by Solomon


112 tons of gold = 4,300,000,000 $1200 an ounce

262 tons of silver= 134,144,000 $16 an ounce

Bronze that they could not even measure


Glory of God filled this place that the people could not even minister there anymore.


Now there were those who remembered what it looked like and they are depressed about it because it is nothing like the first one.


Don’t be depressed because the glory of this building is going to surpass the glory of the first building.


Midrash = double meaning for verses that are found in the Bible.


Temple = building,dwelling, body.


How can the glory of this new temple be greater than the glory of the first one?

  1. Jesus enter who is the complete radiance of the glory of the Father.
  2. We are the temple of God and we have the glory of God in us and are being changed into the likeness of God.


2. Comparing Temples.


Everyone is doing it better

  1. Better at raising their children
  2. Homes are nicer and more together
  3. Regret decisions we made in our lives If only
  4. Looking at past with shaded eyes that can’t see the problems that were there
    1. If that person you dated when you were young was so great compared to your mate you would have married them instead.
  5. Some problem has come into our lives and our temple is hurting and we don’t feel anyone is noticing.
  6. Revivals of the past were so powerful
  7. Could go on for a while with examples of what is happening in our lives.


Glory of what I am going to do is more powerful because Jesus is going to come into this temple and when He comes, anything can happen.


I don’t see it happening in my life look at it.


3. The shaking

Vs 7 I will shake all the nations.


Hebrews 12: 26 – 29


  1. Things are shaking all around us
  2. Not so we would live in fear, but so we would have an awe in our worship of God.
  3. Haggai 2: 7 Treasures (Desire) of all the nations will come.
    1. People of nations will come to Jesus as we live through this shaking that we are going through.


3. Glory in a small container.


Glory = can’t move, if it is Jesus it is a rider on a white horse with a sword coming out of his mouth.


What did this glory look like the first time it came to the temple?


Luke 2: 22 a couple month old child. He was recognized by two people.

  1. Simeon
  2. Anna


Two had a characteristic in their life.

  1. Simeon = Vs 25 eagerly waiting
  2. Anna = Vs 38 Waiting expectantly


4. Peace will come


Vs 9 I will bring peace in this place.


Solomon’s name means peace, but he did not bring peace there were a lot of conflicts over this temple.


Jesus prince of peace which means more than stopping conflict, but establishment of a lasting righteousness.

  1. I am shaking here
  2. And you will bring people into my kingdom
  3. you will know my glory
  4. you will be established in peace.