Ephesians 5: 15 – 17
Making the most in dark days.
There are three words used for time
Chronos = Chronological Time
Kairos = opportune Time (this is what is used in Ephesians 5)
Atomos = smallest element of time possible (only used once in the twinkling of an eye)
Atomos moments are so small that we may miss them, but God is always working in the small areas of time showing us that any moment can have great potential
Atomos is the Greek word from which we get Atom from.  Small, but great power potential
Stories of Israel Trip
Shop Keeper “You think you have come as a tourist, but the Father has invited you into His house to spend time with Him.
How do we understand what God is doing in the Atomos moments
Must see how God is waking in three areas when something happens.
1. Nations = what are you doing in this situation
2. Church = God is always concerned about His church
3. People = All of them are related to each other and God is always working through all of them.
Any moment can become a moment of power so…
1. Don’t Lose Hope “If we put hope in Miracles of God we are open to attack, but put hope in the God of miracles circumstances can never dislodge hope.”
2. Be faithful to God and what he says.
 3. Have eyes open to what God is doing no matter how small.
Example: Gideon was afraid to go to battle God sent him down to hear the dream of the Midianites.  They dreamed a barley loaf came and destroyed their tents.  They understood that Gideon was going to win the battle.  If I was God the dream would have been a huge angel destroying all the tents, but God moves in small ways but with great power.