We are done with Orphan Sunday, but not with the Orphan Spirit.

  1. The Chaos

Judges 10 a judge Jair dies and Anarchy takes over Israel.

Ammon invades Israel who has no leader at this time.

Sometimes the answers to our problems are in boxes we would never recognize.

2. Jephthah the Warrior

Judges 11: 1 Jephthah was a mighty man of valor.

He was a warrior in a time when warriors were needed.

His father had an affair with a prostitute and he was born.

His brothers rejected him for something that was no fault of his own. Vs 2

Doesn’t matter who we really are (A Mighty Warrior) we focus on the hurt that happens to us.

3. Bad Company

Jephthah flees to Tob Vs 3 which means Mine.

Surrounded by others who are idle worthless men

EXAMPLE: Winkey Pratney Jonny hurt by broken promises from dad, WE KEEP A FILING SYSTEM OVER OUR HURTS  he gets a present and doesn’t even open it. wash dishes and open rebellion.  Eventually they surround themselves with other people who are their own bosses. We start to flaunt our bad behavior for no more restrictions.

No longer hanging around the bad crowd, they are the bad crowd.

4. The Bridge.

We are called to build a bridge to orphans who are living in rebellion.

Vs 6, 7 We see something good in you, but there will be resistance to this outreach.

Want to put on a front and have that rejected rather than me as a person rejected.

EXAMPLE: girl in foster care and counselor.

Eventually bring them back with us. Vs9 – 11

5. Wrong Choices.

Inside change is what is needed rather than just outward behavior.

Spirit of the Lord comes upon him. Vs 29

When we are unsure of who we are in Christ, we continually grab at straws from other things that lead to more disappointment.

Vs 30, 31 Still unsure of What God says about him and trusting in his own power.

Daughter is the first thing that comes out to meet him and he makes another mistake and offers her as a sacrifice.

  1. priest has the power to annul bad oaths.

6. Two things

  1. Help us build bridges to the Orphan
  2. Set us free from the filing system of our own hurts.