Random teachings before the promised land.

  1. Vows 30: 1, 2
  1. Just as the Lord requires us to keep our vows, he will keep all his vows he has kept.
  2. God has kept all of his oaths
    1. Psalm 95: 10, 11 I swore in my anger that they shall not enter my rest.
    2. Ezekiel 34: 8- 11 He has made an oath to Zion to gather the exiles of Israel and adorn her with them and seek them out.
  3. Call to annul the oaths made. 30: 12
    1. Rabbi court can release someone from a bad vow.
    2. EXAMPLE: Judges 11 Jephthah’s vow
    3. Made a bad vow, repent before the Lord and ask for a removal of the vow over your life.
      1. Good as long as it does not affect another.

2. Wars of Mitzvah

  1. Go to war against Midian 31: 3
  1. Is it the Lord’s war or Israel’s war.
  2. One who strikes a child of God strikes God.
    1. He who touches you touches the apple of God’s eye Zechariah 2: 8
    2. We are called to carry out the Lord’s vengeance 1 Samuel 17: 16 who are you to taunt the armies of the living God.
  3. God’s rules for war
    1. If you build a house, or are newly married, planted a vineyard, feel fearful, you re excused from war.
    2. If it is a commanded war, then no one is excused
  4. Strike the Midianites Vs 1
    1. Missing Moab in this battle Deuteronomy 2: 9
    2. Midianites entered a battle that did not belong to them.
    3. God may have a plan for Moab
  5. Anointed for battle Vs 6
    1. Deuteronomy 20: 2 – 4 Do not be afraid, panic or tremble before them.
  6. Moses sends out Phinehas
    1. He doesn’t go or does he send his warrior Joshua.
    2. Phinehas had the spiritual authority in this battle.
    3. He is able to carry out the holy objects into battle.
    4. As a priest he is leading the people into battle.
      1. This is a sign of the end battle Revelation 19: 11 – 16
      2. Not one soldier is killed. 31: 49
  7. Balaam is killed (by Phinehas?)
    1. False prophet who deceived many.
    2. Sign of the antichrist who moves to deceive the people
    3. Messiah will destroy the antichrist with the breath of his mouth 2 Thessalonians 2: 8
  8. Purify yourselves for seven days Vs 19
    1. After war of God and Magog, the land will be purified for seven months. Ezekiel 39:11-16

3. Tribes on the east side Vs 32

  1. Promise to enter into the promised land to fight.
    1. No longer going to stay and not enter the promised land like their fathers did.
  2. We want to stay here but will cross. Vs 25, 26
  3. This is a symbol of the kingdom today.
    1. Land promised to Abraham
    2. They are possessing part of that promise, but still are fighting for the kingdom to come
    3. We fight for the kingdom while trying to possess what God has for us.
      1. Take the land, but keep a view of the final kingdom that will come.
  4. Cities of Refuge.  35: 10 – 11Promise of the kingdom coming.
    1. Place for someone to take refuge Vs 12
    2. If unintentional then place of safety
    3. Must stay there to be safe. 35: 26 – 28
      1. Relatives can bring judgement on person who killed another Vs 19
      2. Jesus will bring judgement on every drop of innocent blood spilled.
    4. Death of the high priest will set people free Vs 28
      1. Jesus death set us free from death sentence over us.
      2. Death of the high priest set the guilty free from sin.
  5. you will add three more cities. Deuteronomy 19: 8, 9
    1. Promise of future expansion and fulfillment of promise given to Abraham.

4. The daughters of Zelophehad 36

  1. Line of inheritance is through the male.
  2. They must marry within the tribe. Vs 7
  3. We are those daughters brought in through our marriage to Jesus.
  4. Gentiles are from the tribe of Judah.