1 John 1: 5 – 10

1. Walking in the Light

  • We are walking in the light so this is talking to people who already have a relationship with Jesus
  • Jesus blood cleanses us from all sin. Vs7
  • Yet, if we claim we have no sin, then we are only fooling ourselves

PROBLEM: Jesus cleansed us from all sin then why do we have sin.

Key word here is that Jesus makes us pure or cleansed

Cleansing is…

  • a process that continues in our lives as long as we live in this world
  • Cleansing has to do with what happens to a person rather than the condition of a person. Our condition is we are sinners but Jesus has changed that condition and made us new.

2. Old Testament Examples of Cleansing

  • Numbers 19 gives details on how to cleanse someone who comes in contact with a dead body.

This has to deal with things we come in contact with each day in our lives. We are surrounded by death and cannot avoid it because of the world we live in

The second one is a little more personal

  • Leviticus 13, 14 deal with a couple of things, the first one being leprosy

Leprosy is walking death. the first deals with things we come in contact with, the second one deals with things in our own lives that are strongholds.

  • The third one is a mildew in our homes

this is something we may not notice but it is still a part of our lives. It comes out at different times in our lives and we are surprised when we see it.

Cleansing for these areas consist of a couple of things with a few variations.

  1. Blood
  2. Fresh Water
  3. Scarlet Yarn
  4. Hyssop (John 19: 29, 30 Hyssop was used at the crucifixion of Jesus)

3. How does this apply to the New Testament Christian?

There are areas in our lives that we need cleansing whether they are

  • Areas of death that we come into contact with each day that we cannot avoid
  • Areas in our lives that we know are there that we need victory over
  • Areas that we don’t know are there that we need victory over.

How do we get victory and become Jesus pure spotless bride?

1. Desire is necessary

Matthew 5: 48 blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

  • Desire has to do with wanting to be like Jesus
  • Having a powerful vision of who He is
  • Walking in light with Him
  • Be his people and he will be our God.

2. Touch no unclean thing 2 Corinthians 6: 17

3. Exercise Faith

Luke 7: 43 – 50

  • tears didn’t save her
  • repentance was involved, but that is not what Jesus said saved her
  • Kissing feet and worshiping did not save her
  • Vs 50 Her faith has saved her.