Jericho as a city

Archeology of Jericho

More Archeology

City had some evil things going on in it.

  1. Under a curse from God to be destroyed because of the evil going on in it.
  2. So we don’t think God just loses His temper and does things. Genesis 15: 16 Telling Abraham all that is going to happen in the future to his children. After 4 generations your descendants will return here to this land for the sins of the Amorites do not yet warrant their destruction
  3. God gave them 400 years to repent but He knew that they would just get worse.

Joshua shows up with his army of 600,000

Two spies are sent out to check out the lay of the land. While in Jericho they stop in Rahab’s house because she is a prostitute and no one would question why they went there.

Rahab tells the spies that she believes that God is going to destroy Jericho. (See Joshua 2: 9 – 11)

God is still the God of stories and not a God Rahab knows personally

Her only hope? A red rope hung outside her window.

She has every reason to not believe God will NOT deliver her.

  1. She is a prostitute
  2. Lives in a wicked city
  3. An overwhelming enemy is at the gates of the city
  4. She is an idol worshiper
  5. She is putting all of her hope in a God she doesn’t know

The ground starts shaking and the clouds of dust are choking her out.

What do you do?

Key Point: God has got to stop being the God of stories and become your God.