The Christianity rises and falls on the fact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Some churches deny the physical resurrection today as they share that…

1. Jesus is alive in our hearts so it is like a resurrection just like a grandparent who may have passed away lives in our memories.

2. His teachings live on like Gandhi’s teachings so it is like a resurrection.

If Jesus did not rise, then we are still in our sins and we are to be pitied more than others.

I love the topic of defending the gospel, and I could go on a long time, but I have given you a couple of links that you can look up on your own if you are interested.

First how do we know the Bible is true, and what we read today is really what was written thousands of years ago. … the-bible/

Also how can we defend the resurrection? … uss20.html … m-the-dead

Enjoy these sites and enjoy the resurrection of Jesus