In this study of Revelation, we are not focusing on the details as much as the revelation of who Jesus is. I am not going to spend a lot of time trying to decide what the ten horns mean on the beast head mean, but I am going to show how Jesus destroys the power of the beast.

In Chapter 12 we have seen…

1. We have seen war in heaven that satan was cast down form the heavenly realms
2. Then satan started a war on the earth in which saints beat him by…

  • The blood of the lamb
  • The word of their testimony
  • They didn’t love their lives so much as to shrink from death.

Now in Chapter 13 the dragon goes to the sea and calls forth the two beasts, the antichrist and the false prophet.

Chapter 13

1.  The Dragon goes to the sea Vs 1
1. The dragon calls forth a beast from the sea
a. Beast = wild dangerous animal.
b. The Beast and the dragon are different creatures. (See Verse 4)
2. Called from the sea which is humanity (See Revelation 17: 15)
3. Seven heads. The ultimate enemy
4. Ten horns = a ten kingdom confederacy
5. Crowns = assumed authority
6. Blasphemy
a. Called themselves divine
b. Referred to themselves as savior.
c. More than what he says. It is his character that is being shown here.
7. Talked on the antichrist before.

  • John is the only apostle that mentions him by the name antichrist.
  • There is a spirit of antichrist already alive in the world (See 1 John 2: 18)
  • Anti means instead of.

2. Description of the beast Vs 2
1. Same description given in Daniel 7

  • Winged lion standing upright as a man Vs 4
  • A bear with three ribs between its teeth Vs 5
  • A four headed leopard with wings. Vs 6
  • One with great iron teeth and many horns. Vs 7, 8

2. Daniel is talking about a system that will reject God, John is talking about a person who will come out of that system.
3. Dragon gave him great authority. (Satan possessed? John 13: 27)
3. The Beast is killed and comes back to life. Vs 3
1. He is going to die and come back to life.
2. This is mentioned two other places so this is an important thing that happens in his life to propel him to power. (See Revelation 13: 12, 13: 14)
3. The world marvels at this power to come back to life.
4. They worship the beast and give him glory Vs 4

  • Who can fight against him?
  • This is the same song that the people sang to God after the Red Sea (See Exodus 15)

5. The Beasts blasphemies Vs 5, 6
1. Utters blasphemies for 42 months (42 months or 3 1/2 years are a common theme in Revelation)
2. Daniel said the same thing

  • A mouth speaking great things Daniel 7: 8, 20
  • Speak words against the Most High Daniel 7: 25
  • Shall speak marvelous things against the God of gods. Daniel 11: 36
  • Set himself up as God (See 2 Thessalonians 2: 4)
  1. This is the abomination that causes desolation.
  2. He sets himself up as god in the temple.

6.  War waged against believers Vs 7, 8
1.  He wars against saints and will kill them
2. We have seen a lot of verses that talk about persecuted believers during the tribulation.
3. He will overcome their physical bodies, but not their spiritual lives which are secure in Jesus.
4. World worships the beast.

  • He is able to deceive the whole world. (See Matthew 24: 24)
  • All those who do not have their names written in the book of life worship the beast.

7. Warning to All Vs 9, 10
1. Anyone with ears hear. Same warning given to the seven churches.
2. Untouchable until God decrees what is to happen.
3. Call to remain patient and faithful

  • Patience = endure under persecution
  • Faithful = unwavering trust in Jesus.

8. Another beast from the earth Vs 11
1. False prophet. Those who come in sheep clothing but are wolves (See Matthew 7: 15)
2. Looks like a messiah, but voice is from the devil.
9. Second Beasts job description Vs 12 – 15
1. He is a deceiver Vs 14
2. He is a false prophet 16: 13, 19: 20, 20: 10
3. Do miracles for the one with the fatal head wound. (See two witnesses calling down fire)

  • False prophets in Egypt could copy some of the miracles.
  • False prophet will come with all signs and wonders (See 2 Thessalonians 2: 9)

4. Will worship the image of the beast as he is able to speak.

  • This could be the sign that is set up in the temple.

5. War against those who do not worship this image.
10. Economic strategy of the beasts Vs 16 – 18

  • Don’t get worked up over bar codes
  • This has to do with worship.
  • Satan like to get us all churned up over things like this.
  • God will clearly show us what the mark of the beast is.

11. Those who love God have nothing to fear.

  • Reign is only 42 months
  • Great disaster to those who take this mark.