Revelation 14 b

We are at the end of the end.

God’s judgement against sin and death is almost over.

Then why is it taking so long to end?

1. We are looking at a couple of flashbacks while this is happening.

1. Two more flashbacks are still ahead.

  1. There is no time in heaven so things are happening in heaven in different time than here on earth
  2. There is the view of the end from different perspectives.
    1. What is happening on earth with the antichrist
    2. What is happening to the believers who are here on earth
    3. What is happening in heaven

1. The announcement of the three angels. 6 – 13

  1. The first angel Vs 6, 7
    1. Worship God who made heaven and earth.
    2. I personally believe this will be a voice that will be heard from heaven.
      1. Some will reject it like it was just thunder. (See John 12: 27 – 29)
      2. This is not for people to become saved. It is too late for that to happen anymoreas the enormous angel declared that it was all over (See Revelation 10: 6)
    3. Angels worship him for creation and this is why the angel is yelling worship the onewho made the heavens, the earth and the sea.
  2. The Second Angel Vs 81. Babylon has fallen. This will be explained more in Chapter 17.

1. Babylon can be a city, a system of government, a religion, a society, or all of them together.

3. The Third Angel speaks.9 – 11

1. Any who worship the beast and take his mark

  1. This again shows that the taking of the mark is a sign of worship. We do nothave to worry about accidentally taking the mark.
  2. It may seem innocent to those taking it. Maybe for promotion or food in harddays, but there are dire consequences for taking it.
    1. Drink the wine of God’s anger.
    2. Full measure of the wrath. Have heard the statement that God loves thesinner but hates the sin. Here there is no longer a separation.
    3. Hell is not a party place. (See you in hell)
      1. Fire and burning sulfur. Not an imaginary place, but real.
      2. Done in the presence of The Lamb and his angels
        1. The only reason for this judgement is a rejection of what Jesus did on the cross.
        2. They rejected Lamb to worship antichrist.
        3. Romans 5: 9 and since we have been made right in God’s sight by theblood of Christ, he will certainly save us from God’s condemnation.
        4. They refuse to acknowledge Jesus as the Lamb here on earth butthey will stand before Him and acknowledge Him as the Lamb. (See Philippians 2: 9, 10)

3. Smoke of their torment will rise forever and ever. Those who believe that hell is not eternal will have to deal with this verse and others.

  1. Matthew 25: 41 Depart into everlasting fire
  2. Mark 8: 36, 37 What shall it profit?

2. Announcement of blessing on those who remain faithful. This is why I think the voices are out loud. It is a word of encouragement to those who are on the earth. They are under incredible persecution and now they are encouraged that the reward for faithfulness is incredible.

  1. Endurance is encouraged
    1. Obedience to God
    2. Faithfulness to Jesus.
  2. John is reminded to write this down again because the sight is so wonderful.
  3. Can’t take your things with you?
    1. Good deeds will follow you to heaven.
    2. Giving we have done1. Time
      2. Wealth

3. Sacrifice
2. The Time of Harvest Vs 14 – 16

  1. One seated on the throne.
    1. Son of Man. (See Daniel 7: 13)
    2. Crown of God on his head (As compared to a crown of thorns when here on earth.)
  2. Voice calls out to harvest the earth
  3. The earth is ripe = over ripe or rotted on the vine.

1. God does not rush into judgement.
4. Sickle harvest the earth. (See Matthew 13: 37 – 43)

  1. Field is the world
  2. Seed is the people of the kingdom
  3. Weeds are darnel or black wheat that can’t produce good grain. Looks like wheatuntil the time of harvest.
  4. Harvest is the end of the world and the harvesters are the angels.
  5. Weeds sorted and burned in hell.
  6. Good seed will shine like the sun.

3. People readied for wrath. Vs 17 – 20 (See Joel 3: 14 gathering of people for judgement. Armageddon)

  1. Angel for judgement comes from the altar. This is the place of prayer. Again our prayers play an important role in the final judgements.
  2. What we saw with the Trumpets was judgment against sin. Now we are going to see the Wrath of God coming.
  3. Grapes gathered for the winepress. People will come against Jerusalem to destroy it.
  4. They in turn will be destroyed by the return of Jesus.
    1. River of blood will be 180 miles long
    2. Prophesied in Zechariah 2: 8, 9
  5. This is the great time of separation between the believers and those prepared forjudgement.
  6. The question is whose side are you going to be on on that day?