New Heaven and Earth

We are looking at the end, and the new beginning that is going to last forever.

Isaiah 65: 17 : For behold, I create a new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered nor come into mind.

Think of this in contrast to the Lake of Fire we ended chapter 20 with.


      New Heaven and earth coming
    1. Not remade earth, but a brand new one.
      1. Luke 21: 33 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my word will stand forever.
    2. Fulfillment of all the Bible is taking place.
      1. I will walk among you and will be your God and you shall be my people Lev. 26:12
      2. I…will be their God and they shall be My people Jeremiah 31: 33
      3. My tabernacle will always be with them.  Ezekiel 37: 27
  1. New Jerusalem descends. 2 – 4
    1. Described as a bride ready for her husband
    2. Not like Hinduism where Nirvana (a state of nothingness) is achieved.  Here we have a home with God Almighty.
    3. Wipe away every tear.  This could be memories of the past are now gone.
  2. All Things New Vs 5 – 7
    1. This is the start of eternity and no time.
    2. All things are not just new, they will continue to be new for eternity.
    3. These things are promised to over comers.  Remember the letters to the seven churches in Revelation 2, 3.  Over comers are people who take defeat the problems that the spirit is pointing out to them.  Here is the reward of that lifestyle.
  3. Warning Vs 8
    1. Direct warning to those who will not inherit what is being promised.
  4. Description of the New Jerusalem Vs 9 – 21
    1. Imagine John’s struggle to describe what is being seen here.
    2. Eye has not seen or ear heard what God has in store for them that love Him. 1Corinthians 2: 9
    3. Jewels = Israel which was hidden and now revealed again
    4. Pearl = The Church. Pearl starts with a wound and is made layer upon layer.
    5. Matthew 13: 44, 45
  5. God living among His people Vs 22 – 27
    1. There is a definite theme that heaven will be where God is dwelling with His people.
    2. Place will be lit with the glory of God.
    3. Nations will come into it with their glory.
    4. Doors never closed, but don’t worry about it.  Nothing evil will ever be able to enter.
  6. River flowing from the throne. Revelation 22: 1
    1. Same river as Ezekiel 47: 1 – 12?  That one had to bring healing, this one is pure in its structure.
  7. Tree of Life Vs 2
    1. Same tree that man lost in Genesis 3: 22 – 24
    2. A little hard to picture the heavenly landscaping here.
    3. Healing of the nations.  In the Greek healing can also mean health giving.
  8. What will the saints be doing? Vs 3 – 5
    1. All aspects of the curse will be gone.
    2. We will see His face (Pure in heart will see God Matthew 5: 8)
    3. God’s glory will shine on them.  This is part of the benediction. “Lord make His face to shine on you”
  9. The Conclusion 6 – 16
    1. This is very close to how the book started.  Jesus appearing to John to tell him about the things that must soon take place
      1. There can be questions about some of the things in these chapters.
      2. Key is God is going to bring about His kingdom and it will happen.
    2. These things will happen soon.  Soon is not time, but suddenly they will start.
    3. John is overwhelmed and for the second time he falls down to worship an angel. 8, 9
    4. Prophecy is now to be unsealed and spoken. Vs 10
      1. Compare this to Daniel who was told to seal up the prophecy for another time. 12: 4
      2. Message to proclaim?
        1. Judgement is coming
        2. Hope is here.
    5. I am coming soon Vs 12, 13
      1. In each generation, we have a chance to respond to the grace of God.
      2. We will be rewarded according to our response to this grace.
      3. I Am the first and the Last This is a name used for Yahweh in Isaiah 41: 4
    6. Tree of life offered vs 14, 15
      1. There is a description of those who have no right to eat from the tree of Life
    7. Jesus brings word of verification Vs 16
      1. This may be overwhelming to believe, but I am the one who is telling you it is all true.
      2. This message is sent to the churches.  Just like at the beginning, when Jesus had a message for the churches.
  10. The Four Calls 17 – 21
    1. Spirit is the Holy Spirit
    2. Bride is the church and we are called to call others to this relationship with Jesus
    3. Those who are thirsty pass it on to other thirsty people.
    4. Now is the time. As long as we are in time, we have a chance to come.  Once eternity starts for you, the opportunity is lost forever.
    5. Don’t add or subtract from this book.
      1. The sense is that these things can be understood.
      2. Don’t be afraid to teach
      3. Obey them so you don’t lose your place near the tree of life.
    6. The process of the end is going to happen and nothing can stop it from taking place Vs 20
    7. Grace of Jesus be with you.
      1. Old Testament ended with the warning of a curse.
      2. First message of Jesus was the word blessed (Sermon on the Mount)
      3. New Testament ends with the word grace.
      4. These are bookends to the New Covenant in which we live.
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