The Book of Revelation is called the “Revelation of Jesus” because it reveals the plan God has to bring on the last age which will be an everlasting age.

In these letters, we have 30 descriptions of Jesus and the possibilities of 18 Eternal rewards.

  1. Overcome Fear of the trials that are coming upon you
  2. Choices matter.
  3. Always a chance to repent and turn the direction that we are going.
  4. You can experience Grace or Judgment depending on the choices we make.

6. Philadelphia Church faithful to Christ. 7 – 13

Gateway city to the barbarian tribes.


Key of David. Quote from Isaiah 22: 20 – 23 Key is a place of power and authority. Open doors no one can shut. (Key to the barbarians Now Jesus opens a door for us.)


Open door is mostly referred to evangelistic opportunity (See 1 Corinthians 16: 9; 2 Corinthians 2: 12; Colossians 4: 3) Walk through that gate in faith.

City called to spread Greek culture, now it is called to spread the gospel.

Jesus knows that they have little strength BUT they have been faithful to Jesus and did not deny him. (KEY VICTORY FOR THEM)

Vs 9 the synagogue of satan again. The Jewish people have shut the door on Christianity and the open door could also mean I have opened a door for you for eternity so do not worry about being shut out of the synagogue (This would mean that you are shut out of heaven)

The Jewish people were on the forefront of the persecution of the church. They will bow at your feet. (Judgment day for we are seated with Christ) Vs 10 Keep you from the hour of trial that is coming on the whole world. What promise did we just get from God?

  1. Some believe this is the rapture (Will talk on this more in five minutes)
  2. Out of can also mean from (See John 17: 15 I am not asking you to take them out of theworld, but to keep them safe from the evil one)
  3. Those who belong to the world are those who are not in relationship with Jesus (Revelation17: 8)
  4. Both sides use this verse to show what they believe
    1. God will take us out of the Tribulation
    2. God will keep us through the tribulation

The word rapture is not in the bible.
1 Thessalonians 4: 13 – 18
Vs 17 caught up = Latin is Rapturo so that is where we get the world rapture.
1. Can’t get lazy thinking we will just be out of here (Matthew 25: 1 – 13 10 virgins Keep watch) Three views


2. 3.

Pre Tribulation Rapture

  1. Time of seven years or the 70 week spoke of in Daniel 9
  2. Church not mentioned in Revelation 4 – 19
  3. God will not pour out his wrath on the church

Mid Tribulation View.

  1. Last week broken up into two 42 month periods. Daniel 9: 27
  2. Wrath or trumpets and bowls start after 42 months

Post Tribulation Rapture

  1. Dead in Christ will rise first (1 Thessalonians 4: 17 dead in Christ rise first)
  2. First Resurrection of the dead (Revelation 20: 4, 5)

Can’t get lazy we will just be out of here (Matthew 25: 1 – 13 ten virgins)

pan out theory (It will all pan out in the end)
We have a hope that this world is not all there is


I am coming soon. Encouragement with these words

Your crown is your reward, not your salvation

  1. Evangelistic opportunity (open door)
  2. Reliance on God (Little strength)
  3. Faithfulness to Jesus (You have not denied my name.)


Pillar = Philadelphia was built on a fault line and experienced earthquakes so the idea of a pillar would be familiar to them.

Go out no more = run for your life
Name of God. Full revelation of his character.

7. Laodicea Rich yet poor; the church with unconscious need 3: 14 – 22 REVELATION OF JESUS VS 14

  1. Amen=sobeit
  2. Faithful and true witness. They are not faithful or true to Jesus
  3. Beginning of creation Jesus was not created, but before all creation.

B. INDICTMENT Vs 15, 16, 17
Lukewarm = indifferent to what is happening around them.
None of the sins that we have mentioned in the other churches are mentioned here. Lukewarm has no destiny in heaven because God spits them out.

They believe they are rich but are really naked.

1. wretched 2. miserable 3. poor
4. blind

5. naked
No recollection that that is even happening to them. (Frog in the boiling Pot syndrome) laodicea means rule of the people so popular opinion sways them in all their actions. C. CORRECTION 18 – 20

  1. Gold True riches in Jesus
  2. White garments Christ’s righteousness
  3. Eye slave so we will have spiritual insight.

Vs 19 Stir it up and become Zealous.
Vs 20 Jesus is knocking at the door of the church.

Dine = deipnon main meal of the day a leisurely meal (Psalm 23: 5 Prepare a feast in the presence of my enemies)


To those who can shake off the apathy we will receive the right to sit with God

Judgment starts in the house of the Lord. We can’t just look at one church and say that’s me, we have to look at all of them.

  1. God you want to show yourself to us all in a new revelation.
  2. You know the hard things we are going through
  3. You know where our hearts are in the midst of this.
  4. You will come against sin in our lives
  5. No matter where we are there is a promise to us who lay hold of you in victory.