Romans 12: 1

Sahara Desert has water under it but it is still a desert

1. Therefore Brothers and sisters (Romans 12: 1)

Paul is addressing believers here. Those who are in relationship with Jesus.

When you see a therefore int he bible, you need to ask what is it there for

There are 4 Therefores in Romans

  • Romans 3: 20 Therefore no condemnation
  • Romans 5: 1 Therefore justification
  • Romans 8: 1 Therefore assurance
  • Romans 12: 1 Therefore surrender your lives to Jesus

2. Understanding before surrender

We need to have understanding of all god has done for us or it will be a challenge to surrender to him.

EXAMPLE: Luke 15: 25 The older brother was working int he fields, but he did not have the heart of surrender tot he will of the father.

Key Point: Working without surrender leads to entitlement

3. There will always be barriers to obeying what God has for our lives

4. We can battle the barriers by being with Jesus.

Acts 4 Peter and John heal a lame man. When they have to stand before the council, they are bold in speaking with the power of the Holy Spirit.

The council recognized that they had been with Jesus.

They were not with Jesus when they were walking physically with Him. they are with Him everyday.

We are challenged to meet with Jesus every day so others will see that we have been with Jesus.