1. The Red Heifer Numbers 19: 2
  1. Hope in the middle of death
    1. Numbers has a number of judgements being poured out over the people
    2. They know everyone over the age of 20 is going to die
    3. There is still the hope redemption in the midst of death.
  2. Heifer taken outside the camp to be slaughtered Vs 3
    1. Jesus died outside the camp
    2. Hebrews 9: 13, 14 Jesus a better sacrifice than the heifer.
  3. One heifer supplied enough ash to cleanse the people for generations to come.
    1. History tells us that nine heifers were sacrificed. (the ninth one being sacrificed in 15, 16 AD)
    2. Jesus himself will sacrifice the 10 one when the final temple is set up.
      1. 10 means the completed course of time.
      2. Could also be sacrificed when Temple is rebuilt and Jesus himself is the sacrifice for the new temple in the new Jerusalem.
  4. Man who is clean shall gather up the ashes. Vs 19
    1. Ezekiel 36: 25 Then I will sprinkle clean water on you and you will be clean.  I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols.
  5. Just a heifer was needed to cleanse the people, so Jesus is needed to cleanse us.
    1. Draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water. hebrews 10:22
  6. Two sprinklings Vs 19
    1. Third day speaks of the resurrection
    2. Seventh day speaks of the end of all days or the day of rest.

2. Miriam and Aaron Numbers 20

  1. Miriam dies and there was no water. Vs 1, 2
    1. Rock was following them or appeared to them each night.
      1. Is this any more fantastic than manna appearing each morning?
    2. Numbers never mentions a water problem until Miriam dies
  2. Rock was Christ 1 Corinthians 10: 4
  3. Water stops flowing just after the laws of needing water sprinkled for purification
    1. Blessing of Miriam was upon each of them because of Miriam
      1. Cloud disappeared when Aaron died
      2. Manna disappeared when Moses died
    2. Dry arid place that God used Miriam to bring water.
    3. Last days of King Herod in spiritual darkness, Mary brought forth living water.  Any ideas what Mary’s real name was?  Miriam.
  4. God called for Moses to intercede for the water to flow again.
    1. He disobeyed and struck the rock twice.
      1. This represented Jesus and he was only to be struck once.
      2. This is why Moses could not enter the promised land.
  5. Aaron dies Vs 27 29
    1. They take the high priest garments off of Aaron and put them on Eleazar.
    2. This reminds us that we have a need for an eternal high priest because we are all flesh and wear out.
      1. he is able to save all of us because he lives eternally to make intercession for them Hebrews 7: 25

3. Victory over the Canaanites 21: 1 – 3

  1. A new generation has risen who believe in God
  2. Give us this people and we will wipe them from he face of the earth.
  3. Faith to trust God because they ere attacked and beaten the first battle.

4. The Bronze snake. Vs 4

  1. They go around Edom and the water obviously does not follow them. Vs 5
  2. The complaint started again from the older people in the camp.
  3. The Lord sent poisonous snakes throughout the camp.
  4. The people quickly repent and ask for mercy. Vs7
    1. Moses also intercedes for the people Vs 7
  5. Make a bronze snake and put it on the staff. Vs 8, 9
    1. Star of life
    2. Size of the pole snake
  6. Why a snake?
    1. Snake was cursed in Genesis
    2. Jesus became a cure for us Galatians 3: 13
  7. Jesus ascended to heaven and it became a stumbling block
    1. Son of man lifted up john 3: 13 – 15
    2. John 6: 61, 62 stumbling block
  8. The pole (nes)
    1. Nes is also the word for miracle.
    2. He may have thrown the bronze serpent into the air and it stayed there.
      1. This fits the ascension of Jesus.
  9. We are all suffering because the serpent caused sin to bite our heals and we all die.
    1. If we will look up, we will receive our healing and deliverance.
  10. Neshushtan 2 Kings 18: 4
    1. Nechoshet = bronze
    2. nachasha = serpent
    3. The people started to worship the snake so Hezekiah destroyed it.
  11. The cross becomes an object of worship
    1. Symbol but when we pray to them it becomes an idol