1.  In My Father’s House Deuteronomy 11: 29

  1. Blessing and curse spoken on mountains of Ebal and Gerzim
    1. They are to speak the blessings and curses of the book of Deuteronomy on these mountains.
  2. The Samaritans picked Mount Gerzim to be the place where the true temple was and this is where they worshipped.
    1. Samaritan woman asked Jesus to clear this misunderstanding up. John 4: 19,20
    2. Jesus stated that not only do they worship at the wrong place, but they don’t even have a full revelation of God.
    3. Jesus explained a time is coming when even the temple would be destroyed so they could not even worship there.
    4. God would settle it by allowing worship everywhere in spirit and truth.
  3. Invitation to God’s house 12: 5
    1. Solomon prays that God would choose Jerusalem and the Temple as a place where he would dwell.
      1. God responds that He would dwell there. 1 Kings 9: 3
    2. This is why the temple mount is so sacred to the Jewish people.
    3. Temple mount will become a house of prayer for all nations Isaiah 56: 7
  4. Come eat at the Banquet of God in his house 12: 7, 12
    1. Gentiles invited as if we are Jewish to eat here
    2. In my Father’s house are many rooms. John 14: 2
      1. Dion’t know if they are literal mansions
  5. This is a picture of Messiah
    1. Just as God chose to dwell in this place in Jerusalem, he chose to have all his fulness dwell in Jesus Colossians 2:9
    2. God exalted Jerusalem and gave Messiah a name above all others. Philippians 2: 9

2. Peace and Security 12: 10, 11

  1. God chose for them to put the tabernacle in Shiloh
    1. Spirit did not last long there because of the wickedness of the people Jeremiah 7:12
  2. God chose a new place to dwell in safety in Jerusalem 1 Kings 4:24,25
  3. Maybe a pattern of the end.
    1. First King fought wars to secure peace
    2. Solomon enjoyed the peace
    3. First Messiah will destroy all the enemies of Israel
    4. Then the third temple will be built
      1. If peace is a prerequisite for a temple being built, then there will not be a temple (or at least a lasting temple) built until Jesus comes to set up his kingdom.
        1. Isiah 9:6,7 He will be called the Prince of Peace and there will be no end to the increase of His government of peace.
        2. Nations will hammer their swords into plowshares. Isiah 2: 4

3. A Banquet at the house 12: 12

  1. The temple was not a place of weariness or horror at the sacrifices
  2. Second tithe to celebrate 14: 26
    1. This hints at the banquet that is coming in the end times.
  3. Jewish tradition stated that a banquet will happen at the end
    1. Meat will be leviathan or best
    2. Wine will be from the six days of creation
    3. Messiah will recline with the righteous.
    4. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will be at that table.
  4. Jesus at the banquet
    1. Many will come from the east and west to recline with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 8: 11
    2. Jesus compares the kingdom of heaven to a banquet Matthew 22:2

4. The rejection of Jesus. Deuteronomy 13: 5

  1. Jewish tradition considers Jesus a false Messiah
  2. They believe he came to destroy the Torah and Dietary laws
  3. An enticer must be destroyed 13: 6, 7
    1. Judaism considers the exaltation of Jesus as a breaking of this law.
    2. Trinity is hard for them to grasp.
    3. This is why studying Jesus in the Torah is so important.  He came to fulfill it not destroy it.
    4. This is why we pray for that revelation to come to them. Romans 11: 15