1. Twelve spies (twelve disciples) go out to save their generation.
    1. Twelve spies  ruined their generation rom their bad report
    2. The Twelve disciples were rejected by their generation
  2. Result is 40 years in the wilderness or 40 years later Jerusalem is destroyed.
  3. Called to move out in faith in what God has done for us
    1. Without faith impossible to please God
    2. These leaders were the ones who the Holy Spirit came upon in the wilderness.
    3. This is what brought down the wrath of God
      1. The spies died.  To whom much is given, much is required.
      2. Ananias and Sapphira dropped dead.  What would happen if that happened today?
  1. The Sabbath Breaker.  15: 32 – 36
  1. The man deliberately broke the sabbath by gathering wood.
  2. Didn’t Jesus break the sabbath?
    1. This was an accusation that was leveled against him John 9: 16
  3. Don’t side with the Pharisees here and accuse Jesus of breaking the sabbath.
  4. From a simple reading it looks like it.
    1. Disciples plucked grain and Jesus defended them
    2. He told a man to carry his mat
    3. He made mud and put it on eyes on the sabbath
  5. Jesus explained that some things take precedent over the sabbaths restrictions.
  6. Jesus questioned the leaders for taking a higher law into account when they broke the sabbath to …water their animals, light a fire.
  7. They could also break the sabbath to show mercy to another.
    1. Hosea 6: 6 If you had known what this means, I desire compassion and not a sacrifice. you would not have condemned the innocent.
  8. Jesus kept the sabbath or else he was a sinner.
  9. He honored the sabbath in Matthew 24: 20
    1. disciples would not even break it to take care of the body of their master. (Luke 23: 54 – 56
    2. Jesus told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem a sabbath’s day walk. (Acts 1: 12)
  10. The only work Jesus did was the redemptive work of the kingdom.
    1. Sabbath on Sunday?
      1. The Lord’s Day Revelation 1: 10 pretty sure that this is a celebration of the day Jesus rose from he dead.
        1. This doesn’t mean it supersedes the sabbath, it is just another day.
        2. Late first and second century there was incredible pressure to separate from the Jewish culture. because of the Jewish wars and gulf between Judaism and Christianity.
        3. Sunday not to replace the sabbath but another day to worship God
  11. Important: the sabbath is a time to do the redemptive work of the kingdom

2. The Tzitzit 15: 37 – 41

  1. Make Tassels to put on the corners of your clothing
  2. One strand of blue in the cord
    1. Priest are to make their outfits out of blue Exodus 28: 31
    2. This shows in a small way that they are all a kingdom of priests
  3. Jesus wore this or he would have violated the command of Torah.
    1. He did not rebuke the tassel, he rebuked the long ones to show spirituality (Matthew 23:5)
  4. Mark 5: 28 If I touch the hem of his garment, I will be well
  5. Why would that heal her?
    1. Malachi The sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings (4:2)
  6. When Jesus entered a city the people tried to touch the hem of his garment 6: 56
  7. it is also a reminder of that they are children of god and not to be drawn to idols. Vs 39
    1. Wearing this you will stick out as Jewish so it is a reminder for them.
  8. So do we wear them?
    1. Prophetically Zechariah 8: 22 – 23 ten men from the nations will grab a hold.
        1. Garment is kana or corner so they are grabbing the tassel.
      1. Who is the Jew and who are the ten people from the nations?
      2. Revelation comes through the Jewish people.
      3. We will all go to Jerusalem to learn from God Himself.
      4. So far they are fulfilling this as we have the bible because of the Jewish people.
      5. 10 people are ten from each nation which traditionally is 70 nations
      6. 10 X 70 is 700.  four tassels so 2800 Gentiles for every Jewish believer.
    2. For us Jew is probably Jesus the single seed of Abraham.  We grab a hold of his tassel is our place in relation to the Jewish people.
    3. Gentiles are outside the covenant God made with Israel “Paul, you Gentiles in the flesh were at that time separate from Messiah  excluded from he commonwealth of Israel and strangers to the covenants of promise (Ephesians 2: 11, 12) You who were far off have been brought near. (2: 13)