1. Noah
  1. Noah the comforter
    1. The name Noah refers to the Messiah.
    2. Noach = comforter
    3. Jesus called himself the comforter when he alluded to the Holy Spirit (John 14: 16)
  2. Peter claimed the salvation of noah was like the salvation of Messiah. 1 Peter 3: 20, 21
    1. Noah was able to save his family
    2. Jesus was able to save all of mankind

2. The earth was corrupt.

  1. Earth from God’s perspective Genesis 6: 5
    1. Their thoughts had no place for God.
    2. ungodliness suppresses the truth of God.  Romans 1: 18
  2. Lord grieved he had made man Vs 6
  3. Judgement against sin of man
    1. 2 Peter 2: 4 – 9
    2. People ignored Noah’s warning Luke 17: 27
    3. People remain occupied in their mundane tasks until the Lord suddenly takes over.
  4. Judgement of those being taken away. Luke 17: 34, 35
    1. Taken away to be killed.  Luke 17: 37
    2. Vulture could also be the name of an eagle.  Eagle is the symbol of Rome
    3. The left behind ones are the ones getting mercy (2 Peter 2: 9) Lord knows how to rescue the godly.
  5. Be alert to what is happening around us.  Matthew 24: 42

3. Kingdom on earth

  1. Animals were complacent with each other. Compared with the peaceful behavior of animals during the Messianic era. Isaiah 11: 6
  2. Seven days to repent as Noah went on the Ark Genesis 7: 4

4. Ark rests

  1. 17th day of Nissan Ark came to rest Genesis 8: 4
    1. Abel killed on 14th day of Nissan which was Passover what even happened three days later?
  2. Raven sent out
  3. Sent out a dove from within himself Vs 8
    1. The dove came from Noah’s presence the raven did not.
    2. Dove represents the Holy Spirit
    3. Dove represents the three temple periods.
      1. Dove found no place to rest and returned.
      2. Second Dove released.  Vs 11
        1. Olive branch torn
          1. Olive branch is bitter so it is the bitter suffering of our Messiah
          2. Torn means death (Genesis 38: 33 Joseph has been torn to pieces.)
          3. For he has torn, but He will heal; He has wounded us, but He will bandage us.  He will revive us after two days;  He will raise us up on the third day, that we may live before Him Hosea 6: 1, 2
      3. The Third dove does not return. Vs 12
        1. There is sure footing when the Messianic period comes.
        2. Noah exits the Ark
        3. Promise of seasons until the return of the Messiah. Genesis 8:22
        4. Same Bible states the whole earth ill be filled with the glory of God Numbers 14: 21
      4. Heaven and earth intersect and rainbow of promise comes forth. Genesis 9: 16
        1. The bow is pointed up so the arrow will pierce heaven.
        2. Next act of Judgement will be against God Himself poured out on Jesus.

5. Nimrod

  1. Come let us build a tower for ourselves 11: 4
  2. Nimrod = We will rebel.
  3. Tower like a sword pointed at God.
  4. Tower didn’t get high because God had to come down and see what was happening  11: 7
    1. Jewish tradition states that there were 70 princes or languages in heaven
      1. Daniel with prince of Persia Daniel 10: 13
    2. Pentecost redeemed the languages as each one told of the glories of God.
    3. Curse reversed and what once dispersed people, they are now called to return to Jerusalem and serve the king.