Questions from last Wednesday night

How can a huge building/temple be built in 2 hours ???

Answer:  They are going to put up a tent and get the tabernacle running.  They are not saying that they will build a building.  Jesus was crucified for saying he could rebuild the temple in three days.

Does the twelve loaves have any correlation with the twelve disciples?

Answer:  Absolutely.  It also has to do with the 12 tribes of Israel.  The 24 elders of revelation are probably the 12 sons of Jacob and the 12 disciples. Revelation 4: 10

Is someone keeping the menorah lit now? Or isn’t there one since the last time the temple was destroyed?

Answer: There is no temple now but there are synagogues that may keep them lit.

1.  The Menorah Exodus 27: 20

  1. Israel is called a green olive tree beautiful in fruit and form Jeremiah 11: 16
  2. Oil is made from he crushing of the olive (slavery?)
    1. You have been crushed now bring me the oil from that.  So the command is not to bring the olives to make oil for the Menorah.  It is the crushing that produces repentance so you can only bring the oil of broken to the Menorah
  3. Jesus in Gethsemane and the Oil Press.

Pictures of the Oil Press in Nazareth

2. The Priests Exodus 28: 1

  1. There are a number of priests mentioned in the bible at this time
    1. Melchizedek
    2. Priest in Egypt
    3. Moses father-in-law a priest of Midian
  2. These were to be priests which served in the temple as a type of Jesus
    1. Officiated over sacrifices
    2. Intermediaries before the Lord for Israel
    3. Taught the people the Torah.
    4. These all represent Messiah even though he was not a Levite
  3. Garments made 28: 2
    1. Colors are not random
      1. gold = pure gold which represents royalty Risen Christ appeared to John wearing a gold sash Revelation 1 : 13
      2. Blue = expensive color in this time period. Represents the heavens which are at the feet of God (Exodus 24: 10)
      3. Purple the color of a king.
      4. Scarlet = sin
      5. White purity though sins like scarlet they shall be white as snow. Isaiah 1: 18
    2. Ephod 28: 6 Not only priest could wear this as David did when he danced before the Lord 2 Samuel 6: 14.  David line of Judah so this is a link between line of Judah and Levi both fulfilled in Jesus.
    3. Name inscribed as Holy to the Lord.Exodus 28: 36
      1. This is a special name for the High Priest
      2. Jesus took this role when he created the perpetual priesthood and received a name that is above every name. Philippians 2: 9
    4. Anointed Priest
      1. Word is anointed priests and Messiah means anointed one.  so the name could be messiah priests.

4. The Anointing Exodus 30: 25

  1. Moses will anoint all the items of the tabernacle with this oil
  2. He will also anoint Aaron and his sons.
  3. This will be a holy anointing oil to Me throughout your generations 30: 31
    1. This oil did not run out throughout the generations
    2. Tradition is that it was hidden with the Ark when the Babylonians came.
  4. You will not just anoint anyone and you will not make any oil like it. Exodus 30: 32, 33
  5. Not every king was anointed, just when a new dynasty or rule happened.
    1. Samuel anointed Saul and David
    2. Nathan and Zadok anointed Solomone because Adonijah disputed his right
    3. Jehoah was anointed because his grandmother Athaliah killall the sons of David’s line but him.
    4. Oil lost with Babylon.
    5. Jesus a new dynasty even though he was from David’s line.  Anointed by God himself with the Oil of gladness ABOVE ALL OTHERS because he loved righteousness and hated wickedness Psalm 45: 7

5. Purpose behind all of this.

  1. In creation, Spirit hovered over the chaos
  2. On Mount Sinai God hovered over the mountain
  3. When tabernacle is completed, God will hover over the Ark in the Holy of Holies
  4. When Jesus came he dwelt among us
  5. Now he lives in us
  6. We will dwell with him face to face