1.   Israel is three days out from Sinai
  2. They are complaining about manna (only 8 days from ever eating it again)
  3. Answer is God pouring out His spirit on the people
  4. Aaron and Miriam jealous of Moses leadership.
  1. The Sent out ones (Shelach) Numbers 13: 2
  1. Shelach = one sent to carry out a mission
  2. Apostles is the Greek word for the Hebrew word Shelach
  3. These are some of the leaders who received the Holy Spirit and prophecied.
  4. Both Numbers and Matthew 10: 2 list the names of the sent out ones.
    1. Matthew 10:1 Jesus summoned the disciples and gave them authority
    2. As soon as they were sent out, their names switched to apostles.
  5. Similarities
    1. Both are given specific instructions about what their “sent out” means
    2. Both were to stay in the land of Canaan (Israel)
    3. Jesus sent them out in pairs. Numbers doesn’t say this specifically, but when hey came back, two of them were carrying a cluster of grapes which infers that they also went out in twos.  When Joshua spies out Jericho later, he send in two spies so we can assume that they went out in pairs.
    4. Fate of following generations fell on these 12 being sent out and obeying.
      1. Jesus commonly referred to the people as a generation. EXAMPLES: Wicked generation (luke 11: 29) Blood of all the prophets shed since the foundation of the world would be charged agains tthis generation (Luke 11: 50) He stated he would be rejected by this generation (Luke 17: 25)
    5. 40 days they spied out the land bringing a forty year curse from entering the promised land.  Jerusalem is burned 40 years after the death of Jesus on the cross.

2. Joshua and Caleb Numbers 13: 6 – 8

  1. Not everyone is going to suffer the same doom.  Joshua and Caleb had different spirits
  2. There are always a few who heed the Master’s call to repentance.  They are the ones who lay hold of the kingdom and enter it.
  3. igal between Caleb and Joshua
    1. Talked earlier about the Jewish belief of two messiah’s.  here is more backing for that.
    2. Caleb from Judah or conquering from David
    3. Joshua of Ephraim a son of Joseph from Joseph or suffering Messiah until raised up
    4. We realize that both are in Jesus, but Jewish tradition does not see that and so rejects Jesus as messiah.
    5. Igal means He will redeem and he puts them between the two names Caleb and Joshua.  Both Joshua and Caleb will redeem Israel.
  4. Joshua is really Hoshea  Moses added a yod in front of his name and changed it to Joshua.    Hoshea means salvation and Joshua means the LORD saves.
  5. Go back in history
    1. Sari had the yod removed from her name and a heh added (ah) representing God in the midst.  Now Moses adds the god that was taken from Sarah’s name and gives it to Joshua  Joshua carried the legacy of the patriarchs into the promised land to fulfill the promise that God gave to Abraham.
  6. Yshua and Joshua are the exact same name. Yeshua and Yehoshua.  Jesus is the short version of Joshua.
  7. Zechariah declared the name of the Messiah when he took a crown and put it on the priests head Joshua Zechariah 6: 12
  8. Rabbit Trail: some claim praying in Jesus name is like praying in Zeus name because his name is Yeshua. Latin translation of the Greek text so it could be read by all people.  Yeshua to Latin is Iesous pronounced Yay-soos.  English writers replaced the Y with a J saying Jaysoos or Jesus.

3. Taste of the Kingdom 23, 24

  1. Cut down grapes, pomegranates and figs.
  2. Pomegranites fruit of God
    1. grained apple so it may be the fruit that was eaten int he garden
    2. withering of the pomegranate is a judgement of God Joel 1: 12
    3. 613 seeds on an average
    4. 613 commands in the Torah
    5. 613 organs in the body
    6. They are engraved in the temple which is a symbol of heaven so they are in heaven
      1. On pillars of Temple so they represent the strength and power (Job 12; 13)
    7. They have a crown on them. Means to rise up or to be mounted up
  3. They Israelites could have a taste of the kingdom of God now.
    1. Deposit guaranteeing our inheritance

4. The Exile 14: 2, 3

  1. We wish we would have died in Egypt or even in the wilderness.
    1. Start of the Exile the Jewish people experienced in 586 under Babylon and 70 by Rome.
  2. Moses intercedes for them Vs 19
    1. Intercession is the exact names that God showed Moses when he displayed his glory to him in Exodus.
    2. WE can intercede as we know who God is.
    3. If Moses did not pray, they may have died right there.
  3. God promises that Joshua and Caleb will enter the promised land. ( 30)
    1. Everyone in the census is killed.
    2. Who is missing from this list?
  4. In their rebellion, they invade anyway and are destroyed.
  5. Mercy of God shown
    1. Only 39 years so he gave them time served.
    2. Numbers 15: 1 Give these instructions when you finally enter the promised land.