1. Death of Sarah 23; 1 – 20
  • Abraham buys a piece of land.Vs 19
  • Sarah Dies Vs 1
    1. Mentions her name twice which means life here and the resurrection
    2. Adam and Eve brought death into the world, Abraham and Sarah are bringing life into it.
  • Abraham barters with Ephron the Hittite for this piece of land.  Tradition tells us that it is the cave where Adam and Eve were buried and the gateway to Eden.
  • Isaac and Jacob will also be buried here along with Abraham.
  • God promised to give the whole land to Abraham and yet he did not even own enough to bury his wife.
    1. Promises are going to happen, but all Abraham sees is one plot of land to bury his wife and one son who is not even married.

2.  Abraham ages. 24:1

  • Now Abraham is old and well stricken in age.
    1. This same term is used for Joshua and David.
    2. Acquired two worlds,. This one and the one to come
  • He had blessed Abraham in every way.
    1. All things means Isaac
    2. Isaac was Abraham’s all.
  • We are blessed in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing Ephesians 1: 3
    1. This is the Messiah
    2. Galatians 3: 14 In order that in Messiah Yeshua the blessings of Abraham might come.

3.  Quest for a Bride Vs 3, 4

  • Remember that Isaac prefigures Messiah which we saw last week.
  • Isaac getting a bride is the same as Jesus getting his bride.
  • Abraham commission Eliezer
    1. Commissioned means “sent one”
    2. Shaliach means sent one.  Greek word is Apostles or apostle.
    3. Jesus commissioned his disciples to go and get his bride (metaphorically)
  • Do not get a bride from the Canaanites Vs 3
    1. Abraham knew they were going to be expelled from the land
    2. Don’t mix with them.
    3. Canaanites were going to be a stumbling block for the children of Israel throughout their history.
    4. We are called not to be bound together with non believers 2 Corinthians 6: 14 – 16
    5. Yet Gospel is called to go to them and bring them into the bride of Christ
      1. Jesus Samaritian woman John 4
      2. Peter and Corneius Acts 10
  • Don’t take Isaac out of the land Vs 6
  • God will send his angel in front of you. Vs 7
    1. Angel will go before Israel Exodus 23: 20
    2. God will drive out the Canaanites with an angel Exodus 33: 2
    3. Angel will go before Messiah. Behold I am going to send My (angel) and he will clear the way before Me.  And the Lord whom you seek, will suddenly come to His temple and the (angel)of the covenant, in whom you delight, behold, He is coming. Malachi 3: 1
    4. This shows the deeper meaning to this story.  Eliezer is one who is going to retrieve the exile from captivity and bring them to the promised land.
    5. If she doesn’t want to come, you are free from your oath Vs 8
      1. This takes care of guilt driven evangelism.
      2. The final outcome is really out of our hands.
    6. He took 10 camels from the masters house. Vs 10
      1. We bring good tidings from the household of God.
      2. We are not trying to reason with the mind, but the heart and only God can change a heart.  We bring the fruit of the Spirit with us as we go out.

4.  The Encounter Vs 11

  • The camels are thirsty Vs 11
  • Eleazer’s Prayer Vs 12
    1. You have a covenant with Abraham so show loving kindness.
    2. God has made a covenant promise through Jesus Christ.
    3. Before we lift up our voices to share, we must lift up our voices in prayer.
  • Rebekah came to the well Vs 16
    1. What comparison does she have with the Samaritan woman?
    2. Both are thirsty.  Don’t get caught up in externals.
  • Asking for a drink Vs 17
    1. Jesus and the Samaritan woman Vs 7
    2. Camel can drink 30 gallons of water (10 Camels) how big was her jar?
  • Gave her gifts Vs 22
    1. If you knew the gift of God John 4: 10
  • No hiding fact that he was a follower of God Vs 26
    1. Jesus did not mention two sentences before mentioning God.
    2. Fear of name of Jesus has to diminish.
  • Evangelism in their house. Vs 32
    1. Peter entered Cornelius’s house
    2. Jesus entered the Samaritan village.
    3. Evangelism does not all happen in the church.
  • Eliezer tells his story Vs 33
    1. No clever words, but just what Jesus has done for him
    2. Holy Spirit interrupted Peter’s story.
    3. Many came to the lord because of the Samaritian’s woman testimony Vs 41, 42

5. Bride encounters Isaac 64

  • Lifting up eyes Vs63, 64
    1. Abraham lifted up his eyes and saw a place in a distance Genesis 22: 4
    3. She falls off her camel at the encounter.
  • He married her 66, 67
    1. Only patriarch that remains monogamous
  • Abraham dies 25: 8
    1. Ishmael and Isaac bury him.
  • Ishmael’s descendants. Vs12 – 18
  • He lived in hostility toward all his brothers. Vs 18
    1. Both Rebeccah fell and Ishmael fell in front of the covenant promised one.
  • When Ishmael falls, Isaac will rise up. Vs 19
    1. Not all will fall One son is Nebaioth.
    2. Isaiah 60: 7 the flocks of Nebaioth will be brought for my altars and I will accept their offerings, and I will make my Temple glorious.