Vs 1 Blessed

Blessed means Happy, Spiritual joy, A windfall has come upon them.

David Starts the Psalms with the word blessed and Jesus starts his first sermon in Matthew 5 with blessed.

Blessed is in the plural form so it is multiple blessing

This is for people who do not.

  • Follow in the counsel of the wicked
  • Stand in the way of sinners
  • Sit in the Seats of Mockers

1. follow in the counsel of wicked.

Prideful people who refuse to humble themselves and submit to God.

2. Once I start following, then I become one of them.

Them is sinners who are incapable of change

3.Joins them in becoming a mocker

You have spiritual discernment and decide what is from God and what isn’t. You reject authorities over you because you know more than them.

Vs 2 there is a group that delights in the law of the Lord

The Bible David had was Genesis through Judges. How much more do we have to enjoy and meditate on.

Vs 3 Proof we are delighting in the Bible

We are a tree that has unshaken resolve and firmly planted when problems come at us.

We bear fruit and our leaves do not wither.

Vs 4, 5 the wicked perish and cannot stand under the same winds that attack the tree by the river

Vs 6 god is watching over the path of the godly.

Watches = knows by experience, acquainted with

Key Point: Life is not a lonely journey it is a walk with God.