This Psalm was written at the time of 2 Samuel 15 – 19. Absalom, the son of David, is rebelling against him and taking the throne from David

What do we do when we face troubles?

Vs 1 David has many enemies against him.

  • Absalom
  • David’s own army
  • David’s own people

Vs 2 God will not rescue him because…

  • David sinned with Bathsheba
  • David is accused of killing Saul (See 2 Samuel 16: 5 – 12)

Vs 3 David knows his God.

Shield means that God surrounds him in front, behind, on top and below David.

Vs 4 David cried to God

Cry proclaim with a loud voice. Proclaim means makIng a statement of faith.

god will answer from his holy mountain (See Psalm 2: 6 as the holy mountain is in Jerusalem which is the stronghold of the enemy at this time)

The enemy may look like they are in control, but they are not.

Vs 5 I am able to sleep whether in a bed or on the ground with a rock for a pillow

Vs 6 I am able to wake up and face another day no matter how large the enemy.

Vs 7 The end result

  • I know my situation
  • I know my God
  • I am experiencing peace no matter how big the enemy
  • I can pray in confidence

Vs 7 Arise oh God and shatter the jaw of the enemy

Vs 8 Victory will only come from God.

Then David blesses his people. They are the people who are against him, yet David blesses them.