1. Active listening

A plague broke out against Israel because of Balaam.  He informed Balak to send the prostitutes into the camp of Israel and entice them to worship Baal.  a plague broke out and 24,000 people died in the plague.

Numbers 25: 4 kill the ringleaders facing the sun.

Vs 6 all the people were weeping in the entrance of the tabernacle

Leader came in and Phinehas thrust a spear into the couple killing them and stopping the plague.  he did this in obedience to what God had directed him to do.

God promised him an eternal priesthood. (25: 13) Actually reaffirming the promise given to Aaron.

Bible full off people coming into their destiny by stepping forward into what God has for the.

  1. Moses The Lord saw that Moses turned to see and God called to him from within the thorn bush, and He said Moses, Moses, And he said Here Am I Exodus 3: 4
  2. Why do you cry out to Me? Speak to the children of Israel and let them move forward. Exodus 14: 15
  3. Daughters of Zelaphchad …came forward and declared Give us a possession among the brethren of our father Numbers 27: 1 – 4
    1. God gave credence to women
    2. Moses crying out for another leader.Numbers 27: 15 – 17; 18 – 20 Joshua raised up.
      1. Some authority given to Joshua Vs 20
      2. Want a double portion of the spirit that is on you Elisha to Elijah
  1. Evil honoring stepping forward Judges 3: 19 – 21
    1. honored God because of his grandfather Balak
    2. His granddaughter is Ruth.
  1. Frustration with circumstances around us.
  2. Map of Israel coming to the promised land.
  3. Brought them to the Jordan for a miracle.

Time weeping, but also a time to act.

It is not up to you to complete the task, but neither are you free to desist from it.  Rabbi Tarfon.

Just do the tasks without being concerned about who will finish the job.

2. New Generation.

  1. Retake the  Census.
    1. Numbers started with a census and now they are ready to enter the promised land so they take a new census.
      1. First Census 603,550
      2. Second Census 601,730
        1. The plagues had their toll on the numbers.
  2. Circular time of history.
  3. Greek time is A=B=C like going down a river leaving behind what has happened in the past.
  4. Jewish time is circular as God is eternally trying to bring us to the same place, trust in Him.  He will work through our mistakes and lack of faith, (stepping into our destiny) to bring us to the place he desires for us.
    1. This is why the bible always talks about appointed time.  Times when God intersects with people to bring about what he wants to do through them.
  5. Jewish Month
  6. Starts with a new moon and then counts 28 days
    1. Abraham birthed nation and 14 Generations to David, their highpoint as a nation under Solomon
    2. After Solomon 14 Generations come and Israel disappears completely as a nation
    3. A remnant comes out and returns to Israel to rebuild the temple.
    1. 14 Generations later, Jesus is born the ultimate brightness.
  1. New Generation ready to cross into the promised land and step into their destiny

3. Circular History

  1. Boaz lineage to David. Ruth 4: 18 Starts with Perez
  2. Judah Genesis 38
    1. Tamar is his daughter-in-law as she married Er 38: 6
    2. Er died and   Onan had to take over as a kinsman redeemer for his brother.
    3. Onan refused to do this so he died.
    4. Return to Father’s house so you can wait for my youngest son, Shelah, to grow and become a husband.
      1. Problem is he never did it.
    5. Tamar disguises herself and sleeps with Judah as a prostitute.  He give his standard as a down payment. 24
    6. Judah finds out Tamar is pregnant and is going to kill her until she reveals who made her pregnant.
    7. Judah never became the kinsman redeemer he needed to be.
  1. Perez breaks out 27 – 30
  1. hand comes out and string tied around it. Zerah
  2. Perez is born first so he literally stepped into his destiny before he was born.
  3. One thing to repent, but another to move forward.
    1. Israel leaders repented at the sin with Moab, but none of them moved forward.
  1. Boaz becomes the kinsman redeemer his ancestor never became when he took Ruth into his household.
  1. Step into what God has for us in obedience to accomplish what he wants to do in this world.