Best food at a thanksgiving Meal

God is into eating.

Spiritual lessons he wants to teach us through lessons.

Won’t remember all of these but if we touch the one that you are going through tonight that is enough.

Three areas

  1. Miraculous Provision
  2. Restoration
  3. Destiny.
  1. Surrounded by impossible situations.
    1. Psalm 78: 19 Can God provide for us in the middle of this wilderness?
      1. Manna and Quail
      2. Not getting any substance from all that is around us.
    2. Jesus and the feeding of the five thousand. Luke 19: 10
      1. God I don’t have enough to meet the need around me.
    3. What if the impossible situation is enemies?
      1. Psalm 23: 5 You prepare a  table in the presence of my enemies.
      2. A prepared table is not a drive through meal.  It is a place of rest.
  2. Restoration
    1. Disciples know of resurrection and looking at their own failures and inadequacies.
    2. Go back to doing what they know what to do.
    3. John 21: 9 fish cooking now bring me some fish
      1. Ordered to count 153 fish I AM God
      2. New starting point here.
    4. Talked about death Peter was going to face, but follow me I AM GOD
  3. Destiny
    1. Many examples of Jesus trying to illustrate what heaven is going to be like and the most common example is of the wedding banquet.
    2. Thanksgiving for things, but over all we are to thank him because we have a destiny with Him forever.
  4. Mephibosheth invited to the kings table. 2 Samuel 9
    1. Grandson of Saul
    2. Restoration of all that was his
    3. Vs9 Why do you look at a dead dog like me.
      1. Vs 10 you will always eat at my table.  Vs 11 He will eat at my table as one of the king’s sons.