We are going to celebrate communion this morning.

Look at parts of the “Lord’s Prayer” as a basis for this.


  1. Your Kingdom Come

Luke 11: 2 your name must be sanctified, your kingdom must now come.

This shows us that everything that is happening in the world is not God’s will,

Jesus is actually praying prophecies from Isaiah and Ezekiel where it states.

Ezekiel 36: 23 “I will vindicate the holiness of my great name which has been profaned in their midst.  Then the nations will know that I Am the Lord…when I prove myself holy among you in their sight.


2. Clash of Kingdoms

next verses, there is a disagreement between some people and Jesus about where he is getting his authority to do the things he does.

Luke 11: 20 If I am casting out demons by a finger of God, then the Kingdom of God has come upon you.

Kingdom brings relief to those who are in bondage.


3. Finger of God.

Term used in Exodus with the Children of Israel who are in bondage

Pharaoh does not acknowledge the kingdom of God.  Exodus 5: 2

Luke 11: 21 When a strong man guards his possessions he is at peace (satan)

Israel was Pharaoh’s possession and they were unable to be set free.

  1. Went there in safety
  2. Lived there and forgot promise of promised land
  3. Became slaves and unable to achieve the promise of God.

Luke 11: 22 One stronger come in and attacks him.  (God’s kingdom coming)

God begins to move upon the land of Egypt and eventually they cry out

Exodus 8: 19 This is the finger of God.

Exodus 9: 27, 28 Pharaoh The Lord is the righteous one and my people and I are wrong.  Please beg the Lord to end this terrifying thunder and hail, we have had enough.

Ezekiel world will acknowledge that I Am God.


4. Discouraged.

Between the kingdoms.

Pharaoh demanding more from Israel and yet waiting for promise of God to come.


5. Return To God.

Exodus 5: 22 Moses returned to the Lord.

Revelation of who God is Exodus 6: 2 – 8 I AM the LORD

Give us this day our daily bread.  The bread of heaven to sustain us today.

God does not see us as slaves, but a valuable possession worth coming to rob.

Exodus 7: 4 I will bring out my people, my armies.