We are talking about the grace of giving

Paul is sharing two examples with the people

  1. The Macedonians
    1. They gave even in their poverty
    2. They gave of themselves first then their money.
  2. Jesus
    1. He gave out of his character
      1. Though he was rich, he became poor for us
      2. Perichoresis
        1. Making room for another to move.
        2. Movement – Choreography- Jesus did what He saw His Father doing.
  3. Holy Spirit – Wild Goose
    1. He is always moving
    2. There is substance to the Holy Spirit,  Acts 19:11
      1. Handkerchiefs & Aprons given to the sick
        1. The woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment
        2. Peter’s shadow healed people
      2. Find out what the Holy Spirit is doing and do it
  4. I Samuel 30 –
    1. David has to fight the battle that Saul didn’t complete
      1. we have to fight the battles for the next generation
    2. David found strength in the Lord (verse 6)
      1. he returned to worship
        1. He found what God was doing in the middle of the situation
          1. God is not reactive, He is proactive
          2. When we line up with the dance of God we are unstoppable
            1. God plus one man is never a minority; God plus anybody is always a majority
        2. Verse 11 – God will use anybody “look for the Egyptian”
  5. The Church is supposed to be supernatural
  6. Verse 20 – Don’t be selfish with what the Lord has given us
    1. If there are a few people who break through, it makes a way for many