1 Samuel 18:20- 29; 19:11-17; 25:44


Michal the Victim

  1. She was in love with David
  2. Her Father tried to use that for his own advantage
  3. Married David, but had to help him escape and didn’t see him for many years
  4. Her Father gave her in marriage to a different man
  5. Her Father and brothers die, except for one
  6. In negotiations with her brothers Kingdom, David requests she be returned to him as his wife. She is uprooted again and given back to David in a political move. Genesis 29: 1-31


Leah the Victim

  1. She was labeled as “tendereyed” while her sister was called beautiful and wellfavored
  2. Her younger sister was going to be married before she was married
  3. Her father tricked Jacob into marrying her and she was unloved
  4. Right after her wedding was over, Jacob married her sister and loved her.
  5. The Bible says Leah was “hated”



2 Samuel 6:16 – Michal was so consumed by the things that we done to her and the bitterness she felt that when the tangible presence of God entered the city it did not phase her. She despised those who worshipped instead of partaking in its ability to make her whole.

Genesis 29:32:35 – Leah allowed her circumstances to draw her closer to God and praise Him in spite of the fact that her circumstances had not changed.

Isaiah 52:1-2

  1. We must unlock the chains of slavery around our necks.
  2. God has designed us to walk in freedom, not remain as slaves to our past.

Oh how deceived we have become to believe that living a life in misery will punish someone other than ourselves.

You cannot define yourself as a victim and walk in freedom from your past.

When you give your victim status to God, he turns your victim badge into a medal of honor to testify of what you have been through and overcome.


Life Group Questions

  1. Look up the following passages in scripture. How has God designed for us to live as believers?
    • John 10:10
    • Isaiah 61:1-2/ Luke 4:18-19 c. John 8:36
    • Galatians 5:1
    • Revelation 12:11
  2. Christ died so we can live in freedom, yet we so often choose to live in slavery to our past. We wear, like a badge, all the wrongs that have been done to us instead of allowing Christ to heal us from them. Why is it so much easier to remain in a state of misery than to walk in freedom?
  3. Isaiah 52:1-2 was our key passage this week and calls for Zion, or Jerusalem, to take off the chains around her own neck. It is clear that she has the power to free herself, but has chosen to remain a captive. Reflect on the ways that we remain in captivity in our own lives. What do we do that keeps us chained to our past?
  4. In 2 Samuel 6 we see David entering the city having brought back the Ark of the Covenant. This is the very tangible presence of God! His manifest glory was in their presence, yet all Michal could see is her husband acting like a fool. Her reaction cost her greatly as she never bore any children. Bitterness is costly.
    • Take time to discuss in your group how bitterness keeps us from enjoying what God has for us.
    • How does this example of Michal show us that we must be open to the presence of God in our lives in order to receive healing?
  5. God chose to use Leah’s son, that she praised Him for, to bring forth our Savior. Praise is a powerful weapon! It is how we can defeat the enemy. According to Psalms 9:1-12 how should we worship? Should our circumstances dictate our praise?
  6. Have you gone from being a victim to being victorious? Anyone who is comfortable, share how God has made you a victor and turned your victim badge into a medal glorifying Him in your life.