theme this year is love God love others. Will get back to our foundation series next week2

1. Adullia

1 Samuel 22: 1,2

1. David promised to be king
2. Lives in palace with Saul and plays harp to quiet the demons 3. Becomes friends with the son of the king Jonathan
4. Defeats Goliath and the Philistine army
5. Family is exempt from taxes
6. Women of Israel writing songs about you

Changes in a moment

  1. Saul attempts to kill David
  2. Philistines are in the area looking for the man who killed their champion
  3. People turn their back on him
  4. Family has to go into hiding because of David
  5. 400 people who are in distress, tax debt, or discontented gather around him

Cave of Adulliam which means Justice of the people

If there ever was a group of people who deserved justice it was this group

Surrounded by people like this the conversations are never elevated

This is the natural, but God does not allow us to live in what is natural.

Water from Bethlehem

2. Water from Bethlehem

2 Samuel 23:13 three of the thirty came down to David at Harvestime to the cave of Adulliam

Notice what time it is? It’s Harvestime.

No matter what the situation we find ourselves in God is always concerned about the harvest that people would know him and come into relationship with him

Vs 15 Oh that I would drink water from the well by the gate of Bethlehem.

Water is always a symbol of spiritual refreshing and this water is found in Bethlehem. Any clue to who brings spiritual blessing out of Bethlehem?

Vs 16 three mighty men broke through the lines of the Philistines and brought back water for David.

Vs 17 far be it from me Lord that I should do this. Is this not the blood of the men who went in jeopardy of their lives? I will not drink it. He poured it out.

David was not just pouring out water that people risked their lives for. He is showing us an important spiritual lesson here.

My life is falling apart
I deserve justice
But it is Harvestime
Jesus needs to be poured out for others to know him
These discontented men become mighty hero’s that give birth to the greatest time in Israel’s history.

3. Self absorbed.

It is so easy to become self absorbed when things are going rough. We can switch into survival mode and close out the world around us. By doing this we miss what God wants to do in and through us.

EXAMPLE: Esau traded birthright of being one of the fathers of the nation of Israel for food. He sought repentance but eventually he had it with that lifestyle. He eventually meets his brother Jacob with an army’s 400 men. Jacob offers Esau sheep and camels in restitution but Esau claims “I have enough here” (genesis 33:9). Imagine him thundering off with his army missing God

Belshazzar king of Babylon knew that there was an incredible cost to Pride. his grandfather ran around as an animal for seven seasons. Yet when everything was falling down around him and the enemy was literally crashing through the gates, Belshazzar was partying in the presence of the testimony of God. Using the sacred utensils from the temple.

4. Revive Wisconsin

This story strikes me in a number of ways and that is why I decided to postpone the rest of the basics of faith to share it with you.

1. Like David’s army, we have 400 people at this campus
2. We can sit and worry about all that is going wrong in our lives and spend them seeking

3. There are some enemies crashing through the gates of our city
4. But…It is Harvestime
5. Like David’s army, we have 400 people at this campus
6. We can sit and worry about all that is going wrong in our lives and spend them seeking

7. There are some enemies crashing through the gates of our city 8. But…It is Harvestime
9. We have to hunger for the water from Bethlehem
10. We have to be poured out for others

Revive Wisconsin

  1. Meet at 7:00 for breakfast
  2. God to another part of the town to pray with people
  3. Meet at noon at different locations for a lunch
  4. Evening meal
  5. Service at 6:30

6. Some to something during the week. Free meal, pray with people,

1. help us disciple someone else
2. House someone not really there leave at 7:00 and return at 9:00

8. Time to be poured out for the valley

5. Poured Out

Where would we be if others had become self absorbed and not poured out for others.

  1. Apostles warned not to preach about Jesus or they could die
  2. Paul whipped and beaten instead of writing letters he just hid out talking about the injusticeof it all.
  3. David admitted that it was with the blood of his men that he had water and he was notgoing to keep it for himself.

Belshazzar was engrossed with himself while the enemy was there. A finger appeared and wrote not he wall above the candlesticks from the temple.

Candlesticks are a place of testimony

Revelation Jesus is walking among the candlesticks and that testimony is the church today. He is looking at us and he writes a letter to his church.

  1. There is always good things he sees
  2. There are always corrections we need to take care of
  3. Warning to take care of them or lose your place
  4. Blessing that if we do take care of them there is an incredible promise of blessing.
  5. We can’t change on our own. We can just long for the water from Bethlehem.