• Spirit of Moses on them – Numbers 11


      1. The burden is too great for me
      2. God stated he will take the spirit that is on Moses and give it to 70 leaders
      3. These leaders prophesied


  • Korah the Levite – Numbers 16: 1


      1. Levites had a special place in the people of Israel
      2. Now Korah accuses Moses of nepotism. – Vs 3
        1. Not only are we not going to enter the promised land
        2. You are making our last few years here miserable.
      3. This rebellion is going to
        1. fire in the temple
        2. earth opening wide to swallow Korah and his sons
        3. plague against Israel
        4. God going to affirm the house of Aaron
        5. A miraculous sign
      4. Korah was a levite, but it wasn’t enough.  Why should the priesthood only go to one family in the tribe of Levi


  • Nathan and Abiram and the other – 70 16: 1, 2


      1. Tribe of Ruben joins in the rebellion
        1. Midrash tells us Nathan and Abiram were the two fighting when Moses interceded and they challenged him, who made you ruler over us? (Exodus 2: 14)
      2. They represent the Sanhedrin. Stephen uses this story when he is standing before the sanhedrin as a sign that they are rejecting Jesus just as these people rejected Moses.
      3. We don’t need a mediator between us and God, we all have access to him
      4. This is a teaching in Jewish communities.  There are two paths to God and Jesus is not one as long as they have a passion for Hashem.
      5. They blame their problems on Moses. – 16: 13, 14
      6. Moses would have gladly led them into the promised land, but  their rebellion stopped them


  • David and Saul


      1. Saul was threatened by David
      2. Rather than kill Saul and overthrow him, he respected the God given authority of the king
      3. He had a prophetic word that he was right to claim the kingship
      4. He waited on the timing God had for him.


  • Timing is hard to wait on


      1. Joseph and his dreams
      2. Jesus and his calling
      3. David and his kingship.
      4. Problem of forcing the door open
        1. Absolom and kingship


  • Sign of who is God’s chosen – 16: 33


      1. They are swallowed up into hell
      2. Greek term is hades, but Hebrew is Gehenna or Sheol
      3. Greek has hades ruling over it, but satan is not the king of the underworld, he is the prince of the air.
      4. Jesus even rules over hell. – Revelation 1: 18
      5. In the end, death and hell are thrown into the lake of fire. – Revelation 20: 14


  • You killed them – 16: 41


      1. God gave a sign as to whom was the rightful ruler and the people did not want it.
        1. They still griped about who was the right leader
        2. Even when we know, wee can still complain.
        3. Psalm 2: 2, 3
      2. Plague against the people
      3. Aaron who was spoken against becomes their intercessor.
      4. 14,700 people die in the plague 16: 49
      5. Bring a rod.
        1. Dead branch with no life in it.
        2. It buds almonds as proof of the calling


  • Messiah in the Torah


      1. Day one
        1. Korah Rebels
        2. Judas betrayal and arrest
      2. Day Two
        1. Earth opens and fire from heaven
        2. Trial and crucifixion
      3. Day three
        1. Plague against Israel and staffs collected
        2. Jesus in tomb
      4. Day four
        1. Aarons rod buds
        2. Dead body comes back to life.


  • Branch of the Lord – Isaiah 4; 2


      1. Branch means to sprout that blossoms forth.
      2. Jeremiah 33: 15 – In those days and at that time I will cause a righteous Tzemach (branch) of David to spring forth (tzemach) and He shall execute justice and righteousness on the earth.
      3. Jewish prayer “the blessings of Amidah” praises God for resurrection the dead.
      4. You are a King who causes the death and resurrects and you make salvation to sprout forth (tzemach).  The Hebrew word for salvation is Yeshuah.  You make Yeshua sprout forth. or You resurrect Yeshua.


  • One step further


    1. Behold a man whose name is Branch (Tzemach) for he will branch (tzemach) out from where He is; and he will build the temple of the Lord – Zechariah 6: 12
    2. Zechariah is addressing this prophecy about Messiah to Joshua the priest.
      1. Joshua and Jesus are the same names.
      2. prayer put together
      3. May you cause the Branch (Tzemach) of David your servant to sprout forth (tzemach) quickly, whose horn will be raised with your salvation.(Yeshu’ah) for we hope for your salvation (Yeshu’ah) all day long.  Blessed are you o Lord who causes the horn of salvation (yeshu’ah) to sprout forth (tzemach) amdah 15 Calling for God to send Yeshua by name.
      4. Blossoms came out are the word Tzitzit