The fasting and prayer time doesn’t end at the end of forty days, it is a lifestyle that we have been called to redirect us as a Harvestime community. We want to challenge you to continue to let God change you in this way! Thank you for joining us at this time. Let’s expect God to do big things!

Let’s take one more look at “Stand”. There is a bigger picture than just us and our journey. We all cross paths and influence each other; God’s plan is bigger than only us. Just because we have a talent doesn’t mean that we should always use it, God may be calling us to do something else! Devotional by Pastor Kim… Continue reading 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting | Day 40

God is calling those followers who are not active, accepting of evil, and lukewarm to rise up and press into asking God to change their hearts. Let us rise up and not be complacent. Devotional by Karlan Brunner (South Campus)

Be encouraged to be as one in spirit and purpose. Have the same attitude as Jesus, serve others, and do everything without complaining. We need to stand in unity. Devotional by Jenny Buckman (Eau Claire Campus)

God is calling us to stand bolding, but also “stand” while on our knees in reverence. Walk with obedience to Him. Devotional by Pastor Karl Hanson (Chippewa Falls Campus)

We are not called to stand on our own word, but God’s! And His word is a promise. It is strong. Trust in his promises. Devotional by Pastor Alison Amelse (Eau Claire Campus)

When we are holding up our hands by our own strength alone, it is easy to feel shaky and weak. But we don’t have to stand alone! We are called to stand together! Devotional by Elizabeth Gerber (Chippewa Falls Campus)

Do you whine and complain, give excuses for the downfalls in your life? Jesus is telling us to pick our mat and follow him. Stand in every circumstance. Devotional by Dan McCauley (Chippewa Falls Campus)

We are told to stand in God’s authority. If we stand in it, then the devil will flee! Devotional by Sarah Polzin (Chippewa Falls Campus)