| Devotional by SergioVelazquez (Iglesia Tiempo de Cosechar) | Bible Focus: Samuel 14:6-7 ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Hi, what’s up church? Good morning, welcome. Today is day number 24 of the 40 days of fasting and prayer with the theme of Go. My name is Sergio Velázquez, and I am a pastor at Iglesia Tiempo Cosechar. I want us to go to… Continue reading 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting (2023) | Day 24

| Devotional by Moriah Locke (Harvestime Eau Claire) | Bible Focus: Hebrews 10:19-25 Because of Christ’s death on the cross, we are able to come to God with sincerity. Stand on His word of truth, and be encouraged with one another to go to God boldly! We are meant to be together as a body.

| Devotional by Alison Amelse (Harvestime Eau Claire) | Bible Focus: John 8 God tells us to “go” as a way to cheer us on and to support us in our journey. We are called to run the race with all of our heart.

| Devotional by Alyssa Thoms (Harvestime Eau Claire) | Bible Focus: Psalm 23:4 There are many times in the Bible that God tells His people not to fear when they go out. The only way out of fear is through a deeper relationship with our Maker.

| Devotional by Karl Hanson (Harvestime Chippewa Falls) | Bible Reading: Isaiah 43:2 Life is full of “deep waters” and difficulties. When you go through hard times and wonder where God is, He is with you. He is the one that brings us through it.

| Devotional by Adam Norlander (Harvestime South) | Bible Reading: Luke 15:1-7 Like Jesus, we are challenged to go after those who are lost. There may be a cost or pain when in pursuit of the lost, but Jesus calls us to go after them. Christ died for us; at one point we were the lost sheep or the unlovable.

| Devotional by Kim Buckman (Harvestime Eau Claire) | Bible Reading: Genesis 28 There is not a place on Earth where God isn’t! He is everywhere, we do not need to wait for Him to come. We just need to be aware that He is there and that He lives in us. When we feel depressed or feel abandoned, God… Continue reading 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting (2023) | Day 18

We had an incredible worship service at HTC Chippewa earlier this month. All HTC campuses were gathered together in unified praise to our God! There will be more opportunities to be together as a whole church. The next worship service is January 25th at 6:45pm at HTC South! Kid Ministry Chippewa Falls: Meet at HTC South and join the combined… Continue reading Worship & Prayer Night at HTC South

| Devotional by Jessica Yentsch (Harvestime Eau Claire) | Bible Reading: Malachi 4:2 We need to let go and submit ourselves to the Holy Spirit and, in turn, we will have the fruits of the Spirit.

| Devotional by Sergio Velazquez (Iglesia Tiempo de Cosechar) | Bible Reading: 2 Chronicles 15:7 You are not alone, God sends the Holy Spirit to help us. You are told to go, but just remember He who accompanies you and has your back.