| Devotional by Beth McCauley (Harvestime Chippewa Falls) | Bible Reading: Acts 9:11-18 When God told Ananias to go to Saul and speak God’s Words over him, it was a scary time! Ananias could have been put to death, but because of his faithfulness and trust in his Savior, the future of Saul (Paul) and his subjects were changed completely.

| Devotional by Dan McCauley (Harvestime Chippewa Falls) | Bible Reading: John 4:4 Sometimes we have to go places that we don’t necessarily want to go. This is clear in John 4:4 when Jesus had to go through Samaria as it would be easier than going around the area. The problem is the disciples didn’t want to go that way… Continue reading 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting (2023) | Day 14

| Devotional by Whitney Falkenberg (Harvestime Chippewa Falls) | Bible Reading: Isaiah 6:8 Isaiah was fully willing to go where God wanted him to go without even knowing where it was he was being sent! We need to be sensitive to His leading because He has divine appointments that might not even be in our scope. Be willing to go!

| Devotional by Karlan Brunner (Harvestime South) | Bible Reading: Psalm 118 What can people possibly do to you when you have the Lord? Remember to lean on Him when these seemingly difficult, lean on God first. Listen for His voice, because He may have a different direction for you to go. The devil cannot stop your faith.

| Devotional by Lori Loewenhagen (Harvestime South) | Bible Reading: Deuteronomy 31:6 The Lord will Go ahead of you so do not be discouraged or afraid but walk with boldness in His will and Way for the Glory of God the Father! God will make a way for you that may seem impossible in human terms, but if God is… Continue reading 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting (2023) | Day 11

| Devotional by Kyle Ruud (Harvestime Eau Claire) | Bible Reading: Genesis 4 & Genesis 7:1 There is movement in the word go, and there is always a reaction to that action. Movement without obedience brings death, with obedience brings life.

| Devotional by Josh Kilde (Harvestime Chippewa Falls) | Bible Reading: Psalm 49:5-12 Storing things in heaven is eternal, but the things that we have here do not last. How are you living today or are you living for what God has? Get out of any spiritual stagnation.

| Devotional by Nathan Christopherson (Harvestime Chippewa Falls) | Bible Reading: Matthew 9:35-38 There is a harvest that is ready to be brought in. People in the valley and all over the world—they are ready to hear about Christ. We need to pray for laborers to be raised up, they are few.

Bible Reading: Luke 9:59-60 God speaks to us, but we are BUSY people. It is not easy to drop everything that seems to be very important at that moment. Don’t worry about those things. If God is calling you He will take care of the things that are keeping you still.

| Devotional by Moriah Locke (Harvestime Eau Claire) | Bible Reading: Genesis 22:1-13 When God requires a sacrifice, He will provide all that is needed. He sees us and He is reliable to His promises every time. Stand on His promises and trust in the Lord as you go.