Unity Pray that God would use our pastors how  He desires and that the congregation would pursue the vision with their own spiritual gifts.

Protection From Evil Pray for our pastors to have protection from the attacks of the enemy. That the Lord would keep them from all harm.

Fearing God Pray that our pastors will focus on the Word of God and walk in the fear of the Lord rather than the fear of man as they prepare their messages. Pray that they will seek to please God rather than men and pursue holiness rather than the praise of men.

Keeping a Balanced Life Lord, help our pastors to make wise choices that will protect their health, and give them times of relaxation and rest for the renewal of their minds.

Humility God, help our pastors to continue to be humble and authentic in faith, carrying on giving glory for every gain and every victory.

Deep Friendships Ask God to bring friends and encouragers to our pastors and their families to strengthen, uplift, and bring joy. Pray that time spent with friends is meaningful, for fellowship and times of rest.

Ask God to guard our pastors’ hearts against any negativity and discouragement that would come and smother the fires you have lit inside them.

Pray that God will build a hedge of protection around our pastors’ marriages, children, and families.

Monday, October 10: The Greatest Commandment Pray that each pastor will continue to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. Pray that God’s spirit will work in their hearts in power.

Sunday, October 9: Strong Families Pray for your pastors’ children and especially that the pressures of the ministry will not discourage or embitter them. Pray that your pastors will provide Godly leadership in the home, not based on fear of what others will think, but according to spiritual truth.