Saturday, October 8: Healing & Joy Ask God to heal any hurts that our pastors have suffered in the ministry. Pray that they will serve the Lord with gladness and encourage the congregation to worship God with a joyful, surrendered heart.

Friday, October 7: Strong Marriages Ask God to protect our pastors’ marriages, & keep them strong as a model of Christ’s relationship with the Church. Pray our pastors and their spouses will cherish, love, and respect each other.

Thursday, October 6th: Growing in Discernment Pray that our pastors will counsel and teach with discernment through the wise use of scripture and faith in God’s power to work. Pray that they will be protected from the effects of sinful or negative attitudes that they encounter as they counsel.

Wednesday, Oct. 5th: Pursuing Jesus Pray for our pastors’ personal walks with God—that their souls and spirits will be nourished and strengthened in their quiet time beyond sermon preparation.

Tuesday, Oct. 4th: Strong Character & Integrity Pray that our pastors will continue to cultivate strong character and uncompromising integrity.