Things are getting busy! But have they actually ever calmed down? We reached the end of our Be Still series last week and we learned that although it may be good to “take a break” or a vacation, “but being” still is about a continual sabbath – no matter what your schedule looks like! Continue to integrate this continual sabbath… Continue reading Reminder

God commands us to rest, to “honor the Sabbath.” What does that mean? Do we not get any work done that day? Do we relax and play video games? Do we not move in fear of making God angry? In the Bible, Jesus realized that people were trying to perform the Sabbath. When the Pharisees saw Jesus’s disciples picking grain… Continue reading He is the Sabbath

We are getting into a new series “Be Still” next Sunday where we will be challenged to be able to step away from responsibilities and the fast-paced busyness of our crazy lives just to be in His presence and know that He is God. Look at the earth – the trees, soil, and rivers – all of it is a… Continue reading Be Still