I heard the story about a man who was walking down the street eating a Kit Kat Bar; he took a bite out of the side of the candy bar and continued to eat it this way until it was completely devoured.  How WRONG is this method?  I read the story and it has stuck with me all this time.  EVERYONE knows that you break a Kit Kat apart and eat it piece by piece. NO ONE eats a Kit Kat like a Three Musketeer Bar (well, nobody eats Three Musketeer Bars anymore, but I am looking for sponsorships.)
We are surrounded by people who just don’t do things the way that they are meant to be done.  The OCD rises up in each of us and says “STOP!” (We all know that it should be called Compulsive Disorder that’s Obsessive and if you get this you know why.)  As we enter this holiday season, people are going to be pushing, demanding, fighting, buying, irritable, and just plain nasty all around us and something inside of us wants to rise up and shout “STOP IT!”  We don’t live on the outside of this madness, we are right in the middle of the giant snow globe and our lives are being shaken and stuff is falling all around us.  We rise right up and also become one of the irritants who are demanding that others treat us better.
Daniel 11: 32 states satan will wear down the saints of the most high. The wearing down is like sand paper that just keeps on rubbing us the wrong way until we get so thin we snap in two and unload on the nearest victim in our vicinity.  Yet God asks us to be strong and resist this urge to dialogue with the person in next to us about how Walmart (Another shameless plug) should open up a few more lanes in anticipation of the crowds.
How do we stop from snapping? Isaiah 10: 27 says the anointing will break the yoke.  The context here is that the anointing will make us so fat in Christ that all yokes that bind us will be broken.  If we are going to resist the irritants that wear us down, we have to become fatter, in Christ.
Before you venture into the mall food court and make a statement about the person at the next table eating their Snickers (last plug) with a knife and fork, spend time with Jesus asking for His power and strength to be light and hope in this Holiday Season.
We will always be surrounded by people eating Kit Kat in their unique way, but through the anointing of God, we will be the strong church in every situation.